Tanking Nalorakk

Returning to our trek through Zul’Aman, we’ll head to the right of the entrance of the dungeon where we entered and take that pathway that leads under the little archway and up the stairs to Nalorakk, the bear avatar.

A note on the first pull or two on the way up to Nalorakk will be that they come in larger packs than you might be used to, groups of 4 or more. Do not be afraid to use a liberal amount of crowd control from your group and remember that when you ask for it, clearly marked enemies and what you want for each icon will go a long way to averting headaches and loose mobs.

It’s important to note that with the second set of mobs, you’re going to run into trolls mounted on bears that will hop off of their bears once they get low on health. This will lead to you suddenly having an extra add in the middle of the trash pull and while one additional add is normally not a big deal, if you’re not expecting it and suddenly have two more trolls to suddenly keep track of, it can be easy to lose track of them and have them beating on your healers or overzealous dps for a bit before you can get it back under control.

The trash pull that will likely tax you the most is the one that occurs right before the boss. Unless you’re completely sure, it’s probably going to be a pretty good idea to keep at least some of these controlled, maybe long enough to take down the bears and their riders before starting to break the CC on the other mobs, keeping it controlled from start to finish.

After the suddenly increased annoyance with the trash packs just before the boss, Nalorakk tends to be a bit of a pushover.

He has a single fight mechanic to deal with during his humanoid phase and just brute force damage during his bear phase.

As the charge mechanic on his humanoid is the only wrinkle to the fight, keep in mind that even as a tank, if the rest of your group isn’t cooperating, you can herd them along to some extent. If you were to continually pull the boss a ways away from the next person in line to be charged, even if they don’t choose to move on their own, so long as they become the furthest in distance from the boss, you’ll find that Nalorakk with charge at them, whether they were aware of the fight mechanic or not.

Finally, during his bear phase, he eschews his charge in favor of a a strong bleed effect that will typically fall to the main tank. As that tank, keep in mind that the combination of Nalorakk’s hits on top of the bleed damage can be quite a bit much to deal with so keep a close finger on those cooldowns as you enter that second phase and don’t be scared to pop what you have when you think that you might be dipping a big too low.



  1. Stund the Bear/Troll Mobs at 50% and they will not split.