Ratings and Caps

Today we’ll just be taking a quick look at the current iteration of stats, caps and rating conversions.

There are a fair bit of numbers leading up to the final conclusions to this post so if you’re averse to finding out why and how things work the way they do, you can scroll down to the bottom to the bolded caps listed for a quick look at what sort of numbers you should be striving for.

So for starters, here are the raw numbers when it comes to the ratings and how they convert to real world stats:

176.71 Dodge rating = 1% dodge

176.71 Parry rating = 1% parry

179.3 Mastery rating = 1 mastery skill

120.1 Hit rating = 1% hit

30.03 Expertise = 1 expertise skill

1 Stamina = (approximately) 17 HP


Out of this batch of ratings and skills, there are two in the list that you don’t really have to pay much  attention to and those are Stamina and Mastery. That’s not to say that you do’nt need them, but more that since they don’t exactly have an effective cap, you can just add as much as you can to these two without worrying about coming to it’s effective cap (yet).

The first two stats that you’re going to want to cap as soon as possible are your Hit and Expertise stats. The cap for hit with regards to special attacks is 8% so 960 hit rating and the cap for expertise is 26 expertise skill which is about 780 expertise rating.

These are your primary threat stats and you’ll want to STOP stacking more of hit and expertise after those points because after that, they’ll only affect a much smaller portion of your threat and damage which makes it not as worth stacking more at the expense of your other stats.

We finally come to your dodge and parry stats and it’s important to realize just two things with regards to them. The first is that it’s not really feasible at the moment to hit the 100% cap on these, or even together so your goal is to get them as high as reasonably possible.

The second is that due to the nature of your talents, you’ll want to favor parry over dodge but you can’t take this to extremes. Because both dodge and parry begin to lose effectiveness the more you have of it, it behooves you to try keep the two of them as even as possible, giving your parry rating a bit heavier importance.

So finally, in summary, as you gear up, this is the order of stats that you’re going to want:

Expertise rating to 780

Hit rating to 960




While these are the stats you need and the order you need them in, a little bit of common sense goes a long way. It doesn’t do you any good to have all of the hit expertise ratings you need when you sacrifice all of your defensive stats to do it.

Prefer one stat to another but don’t focus on it to the exclusion of all else. Keep your stats growth fairly equal across the board and you’ll be much more pleased with the results.



  1. I’m sorry, but capping your threat stats really isn’t smart.
    As a tank, your job is to survive, and the only classes where these stats somewhat affect that are for DK’s and Druids due to Savage Defense and Death Strike. But even for them gearing for expertise/hit isn’t worth it due to the loss of other stats.

    Thanks to vengeance, threat is really only an issue in the first 30 seconds of the fight or so, or if there are a couple of tank swaps. And for that first minute, you can have misdirects and tricks, and still be fine. If you have a really triggerhappy dps warrior, ask your paladins to give him salvation.

    But really, don’t gear for threat stats. As a tank it isn’t worth it.

  2. Why would a warrior cap hit and expertise? At the moment these stats are completely useless. Threat is something which matters in the first seconds of a fight. After this moment, you will only lose aggro if you used the false priority-rotation. Prior to 4.1 hit was useful for pummel, now you should reforge hit/expertise to avoidance/migration.

  3. Madyson says:

    I would only worry about hit and expertise if your dps is causing you aggro issues. I would focus on this priority instead:

    1) Mastery for less damage spikes
    2) Parry for hold the line procs
    3) Dodge for survivability
    4) Expertise/Hit – enough to stay ahead of the aggro your highest dpser can generate
    5) Stamina – Only a concern on magic damage fights like Nefarian or Cho’Gall.

  4. Citadel says:

    Not sure why you are recommending hit / expertise cap (which is for threat) when Vengeance handles tanking threat. Good post otherwise.

  5. i have met several dps that STILL out threat a tank in raids. (prot warrior) these caps actually helped me alot

  6. newbwarrtank says:

    Having just leveled my warr I’m curious about the importance of these threat stats as well. My 25 man guild was a few bosses into heroics at the patch and looking over our tanks stats I noticed both his hit and expertise were totally minimal. My main was a destro lock and since cata I’ve barely even looked at omen because threat seems to be a non issue these days.