Setting foot into a new instance can be a little daunting at times can’t it?

Sure, there’s that sense of excitement and all but there’s also a feeling of dread, especially if it’s the first time for you, but not necessarily the first time for the group you’re running with.

Don’t worry.

We’ve got your back.

Stepping in Zul’Aman, what we’ll be covering here is much like the previous articles covering the various boss fights of the raid instances, namely, not too much of a word for word strategy for killing the boss but tank specific tips for the instance and encounters that may help to make your life easier.

When entering Zul’Aman, the standard path takes you to the eagle boss first and on the way to that boss is a bit of a gauntlet. For those who haven’t been playing as long (suppression room, Shattered Halls, Utgarde Pinnacle), a gauntlet is a corridor or a path where the mobs will not stop spawning until you reach the end and trigger an event or aggro the final mob in the room.

In this particular segment leading up to the eagle boss, there will be set pairs of trolls up on the ramp as well as a pair of trolls periodically coming in from behind and a pack of birds coming in from the front.

You need to keep moving during this event. What’s important to understand when tanking gauntlet style areas is that you don’t need a significant threat lead on every mob that shows up. All you need is enough threat that they won’t be pulled from you before they die and due to the nature of the mobs here, how they tend to have significantly less HP than the regular packs of trash, that’s not that hard to do. Avoid your urges to build a big threat lead on every mob you see and move on. Rely on your general AOE threat to keep the bird packs on you long enough to kill them and keep manually switching between the larger troll adds and drop a bit of single target threat on them to keep their attention on you long enough to die.

When you get to the final stairway, all you need to do is to snag the guy standing at the end to end the wave of birds but remember not to pull him if your group is completely overwhelmed already. Wait for a lull in mob density before you hit him to make sure that your group isn’t getting overrun by the gauntlet adds while you pull the bigger, harder hitting troll.

After that bit of excitement, the boss, Akil’Zon is a bit of a let-down. There are a variety of abilities that he has but from a tanking perspective, this fight is a pretty simple one. Just tank him in the middle while making sure that your group spreads out around him and move quickly to stand underneath the person that gets boosted high up into the air to avoid damage from the lightning storm.

For a tank, there isn’t too much more that you can do to make this fight more manageable for your group. Just keep an extra eye on your HP as there can be the occasional burst that drops you low and you’ll want to be quick on your feet with your cooldowns.

Stay tuned next week as we move deeper into Zul’Aman.



  1. I’d disagree there’s not much you can do to make him easier. If you’re a prot warrior, cleave, shockwave, TC (with rend up) the brown bird adds. This will net you a lot of victory rushes. Before he was nerfed this let me take him down by myself a few times when everyone else died.

  2. Gauntlet also in thorn of tides