Zul’Gurub or Zul’Aman

Alright, today we’re going to be looking at the two relatively newer heroics that have been released and how they differ from one another. The purpose of this article isn’t really to tell you how all of the fights will run and share tips for the various bosses. What we’re going to be covering here are the overall look and feel of the dungeons and approximately when you should feel comfortable volunteering to tank one or the other.

Right off the bat, something that you need to understand is that these dungeons weren’t created on the line with the other heroics out there. Namely speaking, the two Zul instances are created to bridge a gap between the current set of heroics and the entry level raids that are out right now.

To this effect, there’s an item level restriction for these two dungeons that require you to have an average of at least 346 ilevel before you can queue for them using the LFG tool. And quite often, if you’re a tank, you’re going to want just a little more than that for comfort, just in case the healers you’re grouped with are a little sub par, or the DPS in your group take a bit longer to kill those bosses than you find comfortable. If you’re taking the tank role, I’d recommend waiting till you have 359 gear in at least four slots or so before you try your hand at tanking these.

Both of these instances hit pretty hard so it’s not as if one of them is just plain easier than the other but they both focus on a seperate thing to make up the bulk of their difficulty.

The bosses and encounter design in Zul’Aman focuses a lot more highly on thoroughput. When the fights are done correctly according to the letter, things aren’t really too bad. But when the slightest mistake is made, the extra damage that hits the party can be absolutely mind-boggling. In essence, it tends to be a problem with the sheer amount of damage that’s getting dealt to the party, not the way it’s being done.

On the other end of the scale is the revamped Zul’Gurub. All of the bosses have gotten a major overhaul in mechanics and design and the group of bosses within feature some of the more unique encounter elements seen thus far. While the majority of these mechanics aren’t enough to kill your group outright like in ZA, there are a lot more of them to watch out for, the snake boss and the voodoo boss are the first ones that come to mind.

So when you start running these instances (hopefully with a group you know well), try to play to your strengths. If your team is well geared and prefer to brute force encounters down, I’d start off with ZA to gear up a bit more before heading to ZG to add that little cushion from the upgrades.

If your group is better equipped to handle more complex encounters but aren’t geared quite as well,start with ZG for the upgrades before moving onto ZA.

Play to your strengths rather than your weaknesses and things will turn out the better for it!