Tanking Cho’gall

We finally come to the last boss of this current tier of raid content, Cho’gall, the final boss in Bastion of Twilight.

This is a long fight with a lot to keep in mind so what we’ll be covering are just a few tips to help make the fight easier without necessarily going into every single ability and aspect of the fight.

The big thing during the fight, like with Atramedes is to keep your Corrupted Blood stacks as low as possible by NOT getting hit with the majority of his abilities as there is no way to remove Corrupted Blood stacks.

The big thing that you’ll need to watch out for during the first long phase of the fight is his Fury of Cho’gall debuff which will make it nearly impossible for a tank to survive without a cooldown so to this end, be sure that your offtank is on the ball and knows that taunting quickly is going to be the name of the game.

Also, when he mind controls targets, depending on how long they stay controlled, the boss receives a stacking buff that increases his damage so keep an eye on that and don’t be afraid to call for a cooldown if it hits an uncomfortable number.

When dealing with the adds, if you are the one dealing with the Adherants, be sure to keep a finger ready to interrupt its Depravity spell which will do a significant amount of shadow damage to your raid. As you can’t always rely on your melee or ranged to do the job for you, if you’re the add tank, just be ready with that interrupt.

When the slimes come out, honestly, there isn’t too much that you can do about that as a tank. Because you can’t get near them without increasing your Corrupted Blood stack to dangerous levels, your best bet is to keep away and trust your ranged to deal with them.

As the second phase hits, probably the best place to tank him is at the foot of, or halfway up the stairs  to his throne. The reason you hold him here is that due to the peculiar nature of the way the tentacle adds will spawn around him, on the stairs, they’re limited to that area, making them much more susceptible to cleaving and aoe attacks, making killing them that much quicker which, in turn, will help your damage dealers get on the boss again.

If you were the off-tank in phase one, do your best to deal as much damage as possible during this phase but it’s important to keep yourself ready to tank in case your main tank goes down to a random spike of burst damage.

It can seem like a crazy and intense fight at first, and it can be especially overwhelming when you don’t know how all of the separate elements of the fight go together but once you go through it a few times, you’ll see how each element can actually be very simple and it’ll go a long way toward keeping the fight under control and growing more comfortable about tanking it.

Best of luck with this final boss and I hope that we all get them down before the Firelands is released!



  1. Melinerunen says:

    Also if the ranged dps dont kill the Adherant at time when the slimes comes out the Adherant gains a buff increasing corruption in the area. Its about 45% of corruption per Adherant. ;)