Tanking the Ascendant Council

Stepping lively, we move right along through the hallways and arrive at the third boss, the Ascendant Council of Bastion of Twilight.

First note should be to deal with the trash wandering around the area. The elementals must be pulled in pairs in order to prevent too much raid damage from overwhelming your party. It can look a little intimidating when you first come up on it but it’s simpler than it looks. All that you really have to do is pull in pairs based on opposing elements. So when you pull a fire, make sure to pull a frost elemental alongside it, and same thing when it comes to the earth and air elementals.

Following this step, it just takes a little bit of tedium before the room is clear and the path to the boss is open in front of you.

The Council follows an interesting mechanic where initially, two of them are up for the fight to be replaced by another set of two once the initial pair drops down to 25% and the final Captain Planet that pops up as a combination of all of them once the second pair is dropped to 25%.

For the first pair, if you’re tanking Feludius, you’re going to have to watch out for Glaciate which is a nova type spell so when you see him begin to charge it up, take the visual cue and get the hell out of dodge as soon as humanly possible. Feludius also has a spell called Hydrolance which selects a random target and smashes them so do your best to interrupt those in a timely manner.

For Ignatius the big thing you have to watch out for is when he jumps away from you to a random target and returns to you with a huge wave of flame. While it’s not going to kill you or anything, just make sure that you don’t accidentally take a few steps forward as if he hits you on the way back, he’ll knock you back to a wall.

The next two bosses are Arion and Terrestra. They don’t do anything too particular that a tank has to watch out for that the raid doesn’t Their two major abilities are the same as what the raid has to deal with so just be sure to keep the cycle of cyclones to ground wells straight and not get mixed up on them. Also, make sure to stay away from the people with Lightning Rod and it should run nice and smooth.

The last phase of the fight combines the elemental council into the form of a giant monstrosity. This phase of the fight as a soft enrage timer of sorts as as the pools of water the boss forms will eventually be plentiful enough and large enough to cover too much of the room that you won’t have a place to stand anymore.

Drag him out of the center and start to move backwards slowly in a circle as you tank him to try spread the puddles around the ground as evenly as possible.

There isn’t too much more to this fight. Though it might seem a bit complex at first, it’s actually a very simple fight so long as you take it in steps and sooner or later, you’ll get it down.

Stay tuned for next week when we finish off the current round of raid content with a brief look of the Cho’Gall fight.