Tanking Valiona and Theralion

Welcome to Valiona and Theralion.

Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times or face potential limb loss from dragon induced toothiness.

The primary thing to realize about this fight is that there are TWO dragons to deal with. Count em, that’s two.

Now, the good thing is that since only one dragon needs to be tanked at a time there’s really only one dragon that you need to worry about.

The bad part about the fight is that since the dragon that’s not being attacked is flying around like a madman up in the sky, it can be a little hard to keep track of where it is and what it’s doing, especially when your screen is full of the chest of a giant dragon and your own ass.

As a tank, you have to be more aware of your own limits than anyone else in your group.  Do NOT be afraid to call for help spotting what the off-dragon is doing. A lot of your healers and ranged will be in a much better position to see where that breath is going to land or to see when the off-dragon in the air is heading to the center to land.

The eyes and ears of your raid members can be a vital resource so be sure to make as much use of that as you would their abilities and cooldowns.

Other than that though, this fight is pretty simple to tank. It’s largely a very simple fight for the tank provided that your raid members help you spot the transitions and the threats from the off-dragon.

Just keep in mind those tips for tanking dragons over when we went over Nefarian and how much easier a time you can have when it comes to turning either Valiona or Theralion depending on what portion of the fight that you’re on. Despite the fact that the fights really are largely tank and spanks, the periods of time where they transition from one tank to another leaves you dealing with the mechanics from both the bosses simultaneously for a time which can get a little hectic.

On one hand, you’ll be dealing with twilight zones into the line breath mechanic that will teleport you to the twilight realm and on the other hand, you’ll be dealing with blackouts and void zones together, one mechanic which relies on your group to stay apart and the other which needs your group to come together, extremely quickly.

However, since neither of these mechanics really involve you personally as the tank, just keep aware of what your raid members are going through and do your best to help them with positioning by shifting or turning the currently tanked dragon from one position to another.