Archives for May 2011

Preparing for 4.2

While we might come back to take a look at the trickier segments of the heroic  Zul’Gurub and Zul’Aman instances, there’s something  little more pressing that we should cover today. While I’m sure that most of you have cleared the new heroics by now and maybe could use just a few pointers on the topic, […]

Tanking Cho’gall

We finally come to the last boss of this current tier of raid content, Cho’gall, the final boss in Bastion of Twilight. This is a long fight with a lot to keep in mind so what we’ll be covering are just a few tips to help make the fight easier without necessarily going into every […]

Tanking the Ascendant Council

Stepping lively, we move right along through the hallways and arrive at the third boss, the Ascendant Council of Bastion of Twilight. First note should be to deal with the trash wandering around the area. The elementals must be pulled in pairs in order to prevent too much raid damage from overwhelming your party. It […]

Tanking Valiona and Theralion

Welcome to Valiona and Theralion. Please keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times or face potential limb loss from dragon induced toothiness. The primary thing to realize about this fight is that there are TWO dragons to deal with. Count em, that’s two. Now, the good thing is that since only […]