Largely speaking, tanks are pretty underappreciated.

It’s hard to be a tank lately.

We’re getting to the point now where most people have taken at least a couple of strolls through all of the dungeons currently released, both on normal and heroic mode and have at least dipped their toes into the starter raid instances.

With complacency come complaints!

You have to understand that around this time is when everything’s blamed on the tank or the healer and it’s easy to see why.

When you’re a tank, or when you’re a healer, when things are going smoothly, it’s almost impossible to distinguish yourself as better than the average.

When people were setting foot into these dungeons and raids for the first time, there were a lot of opportunity for mistakes to be made. There were a lot of boss mechanics that weren’t fully understood and a lot of patrolling add groups that were pulled accidentally.

While these mistakes made for some hair pulling moments, they were good in a way because if you were an exceptional tank or healer, it was your time to shine. A good tank and healer could pull the group through these emergencies as a matter of course while the not so proficient players floundered.

What happened?

As people grew more and more familiar with the instances and boss mechanics and the runs get smoother and smoother, the situations that differentiate an adequate tank from a great tank grow few and far between.

Provided that all of the DPS do their jobs the way they should and the healer is competent, there won’t be that much difference between the best tank in the world and a merely adequate one and given that it becomes harder and harder to tell apart an adequate tank from a great one, it’s no wonder that most of the mindless DPS you’ll run into through your forays with the LFG tool will take to pointing the finger at you at the first sign of trouble.

All you can do for now is to grin and bear it. Let the random DPS do stupid things in your instances and use the opportunity to learn and grow as a tank. Let their mistakes give you experience with dealing with the unexpected.

4.1 and the new instances in the Firelands is on its way and when it lands, once more we’ll have a brand new set of dungeons where nobody knows whether to jump left or right and it’s there that the mindless sheep will see once more how much of a difference it’ll make to have an exceptional tank for their run instead of simply an adequate one.



  1. When push comes to shove with obnoxious DPS, I just think, and sometimes out loud in party chat, that after this run is done, I can be in and out of queue for the next one in 2-3 minutes tops (given that I run with a healer all the time, it’s instaqueues all the times) instead of…30-45 minute queues that I keep hearing about…hahah….

  2. I agree Tanking is tough and a huge responsibility. I must say i do love it though and i have thick skin so i don’t care what people say. Letting Over anxious DPS die usually shuts them up-lol..

    I have a quick questio regarding our talent trees, i been messing around w/ my prot specs and have a few noob questions, bare w/ me lol..

    I know field dressing stacks w/ Blood Craze so does it also stack/intensify w/ Impending Victory? Since it’s a self healing ability I think it does.. Just want to be sure