Tanking Atramedes

Moving on from Chimaeron, we head back across the ring to the final boss left in the ringed rooms.

Atramedes rests on the room on the upper right side, around the two o’clock position on the ring.

The dragon we’re fighting is completely blind and relies on sound to track his opponents. Sound is a fun little circular meter that fills up as you take damage from Atramedes’ various attacks. Simple solution to staying alive for the duration of this encounter is to prioritize avoiding his abilities over attacking and tanking.

The fight itself is remarkably simple from a tanking perspective a  literally, all that you have to do during this fight is to tank the boss as normal, and then dodge the sound bursts when he takes off into the air. The rest of the fight rests on the shoulders of your stalwart DPS and healers so take a load off and enjoy the easy tanking fight.

The trash on the other hand in Atramedes’ room isn’t quite the walk in the park.

The trash consists of two groups of four dwarves each on each side of the room. Now each of these dwarves has a unique ability and what makes these pulls a little more interesting is that upon dying, the rest of the dwarves are healed to full and gain the use of the dead mobs skill.

So for example, if you kill the dwarf that Whirlwinds first, what’ll happen is that for the rest of the pull, all of the dwarves will start Whirlwinding.

For this reason, it’s important to set a proper kill order for these mobs and stick to it as you don’t want the abilities that are harder to deal with spreading around to the rest of the mobs.

For the group on the right, the generally accepted kill order goes as follows:

1) Spirit of Angerforge
2) Spirit of Burningeye
3) Spirit of Thaurissan
4) Spirit of Ironstar

The worst of the bunch is Ironstar. He selects a random target and stuns them while he channels a long spell. If you let his spell complete, the targeted person will be instantly killed. As soon as he targets someone and a giant glowing hammer appears over them (it’s hard to miss), everyone should get off their current target and put the hurt on Ironstar long enough to burn through his shield and then interrupt the cast.

The group on the left is quite a bit easier to deal with and they should be killed in this order:

1) Spirit of Moltenfist
2) Spirit of Anvilrage
3) Spirit of Shadowforge
4) Spirit of Corehammer.

While there isn’t any sort of instant kill mechanic in play here, do your best to tank these mobs a fair distance away from each other as two of them have a short range AOE ability that will make life difficult if everybody is getting hit by both of them on each cast.

Furthermore on that note, keep in mind that when fighting the left side group, there will be a chain lightning going around so ranged and healers  should do their utmost to stay a fair bit apart to avoid chaining it.

Stay tuned next week where we’ll be covering dragon tanking tips before we head into the nitty gritty of the final fight of Blackwing Descent against Nefarion.



  1. Suggestion on your trash kills.

    Kill Ironstar 2nd last, so that for 2 of the 4 kills, your DPS is targetted on the Dwarf that is doing the Bubble/Stun/Kill. That way there’s no DPS switching.