Enter Chimaeron

Heading over to the other side of the ring and skipping the blind dragon for now, we come to Chimaeron, our fourth boss of Blackwing Descent.

Chimaeron is quite a bit lower on the scale for execution than the other fights that we’ve encountered thus far but by no means, is the fight a pushover. While the tanking and damage dealing roles are fairly straightforward, your healers will likely be having fits the first time they run through the encounter.

As a tank, there are a few things that you need to be able to coordinate with your trusty off-tank.

The two primary abilities to watch out for are Break and Double Attack. There are actually two ways to deal with this depending on your raid composition and cooldowns available to you. The first way is the usual method which is to have one primary tank and then to use the second tank as a soak for the Double Attacks. Get nice and cozy with your off-tank, you guys need to be in sync as you taunt off each other. The off-tank taunts just in time to soak the Double Attack and then the primary tank taunts it back until the next Double Attack.

The second method requires a little more in terms of cooldowns but prevents a bit of the more spiky tank damage that gives healers heart attacks. What you can do is to tank switch after every stack or every other stack or so to keep them reset and burning a healer or a tank cooldown with every Double Attack.

As mentioned, whichever method you choose to take depends entirely on your raid setup and what the people you play with are good at. As the tank, it’s largely your responsibility to assess the resources available to you and to make accurate judgements on how to stretch out those cooldowns so that they’ll last throughout the length of the fight.

When the Bile-o-Tron gets disabled by one of Chimaeron’s Massacres is when everyone will stack up on top of you. At this point, it’s very helpful to your healers to do what you can to help mitigate damage or to help with the healing in any way you can. Things like Enraged Regeneration for warriors or Death Strikes for death knights and burning holy power to heal yourself for paladins is just a small list of ways that you can help.

These phases will repeat several times throughout the encounter so do your best to ensure that you can stretch out your cooldowns and the cooldowns of your healers to last the duration of the fight.

The final phase of the fight is when things get a little hectic. Chimaeron will hit everyone with a debuff that pretty much prevents any and all healing from taking place. At this point, it simply becomes a race to kill the boss before he kills your group one by one.

Any and all cooldowns that you have saved up until now should be used, as well as any way to cheat death that you can figure out. One thing you can do is to make sure that your off-tank is standing as far from you as possible. This way, once you eventually die, the boss will take longer to reach his second target, which gives your group more time to burn down the last bit of his life.

At this point, anything goes so if there are battle resses still available or soulstones, now would be a wonderful time to use them.

It might take a few attempts to get accustomed to how the transitions are supposed to work and how close to a Massacre that you want to push him to his last phase but a few runs for practice and you’ll be just fine.