Enter Maloriak

Heading deeper into Blackwing Descent, we come to another set of paired bosses, Maloriak and Chimaron. We’ll be covering Maloriak today and a few little tips that might make this fight easier for you, or at least to help you keep yourself focused on this fight when there’s so much going on around you.

There’s a job for both the main tank and the offtank on this fight so sort yourself out with your tanking wingman accordingly. Whichever one of you is better at picking up and holding a large number of adds or whichever tank is better geared should be on add duty as a potential slip up will give you more than you may be able to handle.

As the boss tank, the first phase is pretty much a cakewalk. Simply stand at the designated position, tank the boss, and do your best not to twitch from side to side when the red vial is up as that may lead to you eating the full damage of the Scorching Blast (it does damage shared amongst its targets).

As the add tank, your job is not quite as easy. When it comes to picking up adds, it might help you a lot to turn on your enemy nameplates. This will allow you to see each new add as it jumps down, giving you a tiny bit of advance warning as to where the new one will be. It can also help to pick up a nameplate addon that will display your threat values on the target. This will help you judge which add you should be concentrating on at a glance instead of having to tab through each one.

Also, you should be trying to save your cooldowns as much as possible. There may be a problem with the kicking on the boss that might lead to a few more adds that you can handle and your quick reactions with said abilities might be the difference between a kill and a wipe.

Also, as the add tank, keep in mind that you are vulnerable to the Flash Freeze that randomly hits a raid member. It’s important to make friends with a dps with a quick cast and have them designated to free you if you’re trapped as you need to be free to deal with the adds. This way, you can avoid the problem of having your raid members think that it’s everyone else’s job to get you out of that ice block.

Phase 2 is when things get interesting for the Maloriak tank. He has a number of new abilities this phase that you need to watch out for but the biggest problem is his Magma Jets where he blasts a line of fire towards an enemy and if you happen to be in the way, you get launched up and take a huge amount of damage.

While it’s easy to tell which direction he’ll throw this when he targets someone else, it can be a little hard to see and react in time if he’s targeting you for it as his target will not change. You can avoid an embarrassing death in this situation by keeping an eye on his arms. He telegraphs this ability by raising his arm and if you choose that time to shift to the side to avoid the ability, you’ll get off free and clear.

Next week, we’ll be moving onto the other side of the circle and Chimaron so good luck with Maloriak and if you have any questions, just drop a comment.