Archives for March 2011

Tanking Stats

Now that most of the dust has settled, let’s take a good hard look at the great morass of numbers flying around your screen at all times. Given the large amount of different stats you need to juggle once you hit 85, it’s not all that unheard of for a new tank to be a […]

Tanking Addons

We’ll be taking a break from our regularly scheduled program to bring you a brief public service announcement. We were asked by one of our readers if we could provide suggestions as to specific addons that can be used to make life easier for all of the brave tanks the world over. So for this […]

Tanking Atramedes

Moving on from Chimaeron, we head back across the ring to the final boss left in the ringed rooms. Atramedes rests on the room on the upper right side, around the two o’clock position on the ring. The dragon we’re fighting is completely blind and relies on sound to track his opponents. Sound is a […]

Shieldbearers and their masterstat

All classes and specs in game have always had a stat they had to stack to achieve their maximum dps. For most classes it now is their primary stat above all, being hit-capped and then usually there is one rating sticking out above the others. For retribution paladins it’s strength and then mastery, for enhancement […]