Omnotron Defense System Tips

Hopefully, by this point in the expansion’s life cycle, we’ve all begun to grow a little past the endless grind for reputation and gear and have started to turn our attention towards the current end-game raiding perspective.

Keep in mind as we continue that what you’ll find here isn’t a step by step, 100% detailed analysis of the encounters that you’ll run into. There are a lot of places on the internet where you can find videos that will be happy to describe each fight in loving and exacting detail.

What you’ll find here, instead, are little tips that I’ve garnered from doing these encounters and hopefully, they will help you when it comes to a few of the trickier portions of the fight, as well as perhaps explaining the fight to friends and fellow guildmembers.

Starting off, we’ll dive right into the Blackwing Descent and one of the first two bosses, the Omnotron Defense System.

It’s stated, accurately, that of the two starting fights, Magmaw is the gear check while Omnotron is the fight that tests your coordination and execution.

The first time you walk into this fight, it might be a little bit overwhelming with the four rotating adds, the myriad number of abilities that you’ll need to keep track of, as well as the few insta-kill mechanics that are present all around the room.

A few runs at this boss will help you realize that the fight breaks down pretty simply when you take a fresh look at it.

First thing to look out for are the patches on the ground. They come in two varieties; blue and green. When the blue patch is on the ground while Arcanotron is active, as a tank, you will want to do your best to position the add being killed so that all of your DPS are able to stand in the blue pool so they can benefit from the buff. If it’s safe, be sure to move your add over to in front of the blue pool so that your melee as well as your ranged can take advantage of it.

When there’s green gas on the ground, you will want to do your best to position the add so that it’s standing inside the gas. Keep in mind, you can easily position it so that while the add is in the gas and suffering from the debuff, you as a tank are not. This will be instrumental in preventing unnecessary damage so practice it if you have to until the delicate positioning is second nature.

Other things to keep in mind is that when Toxitron is active, you will want to do your best to tank him a little further away from the raid if at all possible so that when he spawns his explosive slimes, the raid will have a longer window of time to deal with them.

Magmatron has abilities that cannot really benefit the raid from positioning so tank him wherever you feel most comfortable.

There is a final tip that I would like to impart to you as a tank for this fight. If you can arrange to have the adds de-activate in roughly the same area each time, you’ll make life a lot easier for your fellow raid members. The primary reason for this is because if the mobs are always activating from the same section of the room, it becomes a lot easier and quicker for the DPS to switch to the next add as it comes up, not to mention that you as a tank will always know where to go to pick up the next mob, even if you
forget which one is coming up next.

These little tips might smooth out those rough patches if you’re having them and help you make the fight a little less hectic.

Stay tuned for next week when we head across the way to tackle the giant parasitic worm Magmaw.