Welcome to Looking for Group

There’s a lot to be said for the looking for group dungeon finder tool.

These things can largely be split into two distinct categories, the good and the bad.

Let’s get the quick thing out of the way first.

If you’re looking for a quick run through a random heroic to get your points for the day, the LFG tool is not the way to go about it.

If you’re maybe feeling a bit stressed one night and you want to knock out a heroic dungeon to relax a bit? The LFG tool is most definitely not for you.

If that’s the sort of situation you’re in now, best thing to do is to grab a few reliable guildmates or friends and knock that out in half an hour or less.

But always running with that static group cripples you as a tank. If you always run with smart CC, strong healers that can keep the group up with no mana for half the boss fight, you won’t grow as a tank. And if you think that you will, you’re probably deluding yourself.

Rolling the dice and playing with the random people in the LFG tool will help you learn.

It’ll teach you to keep on your toes. If your CC is never broken, you never learn to react instantly to a loose mob to pick them back up. If your warlocks never accidentally unbanish a mob way before the time is up, you never learn that banished mobs can be taunted and it’s occasionally good to burn your taunt on a banished mob just to make sure that it’ll come straight for you as soon as it’s released.

If your party members never accidentally pull the big patrol along with the group you’re fighting, you don’t learn to charge or intercept to the middle of them and lay down some quick threat all around or even burn your aoe taunt to keep things under control for just long enough for the mobs to die.

If your group never makes a mistake, works like clockwork, you as a tank will never learn how to utilize your cooldowns effectively. You’ll never learn to use just enough of your cooldowns to stay alive without being wasteful about it.

You see, I always used to run only with people I knew. Primarily because I didn’t like to waste time. In the LFG dungeon finder, you’ll run into bad dps that can’t do more damage than you, healers that need to drink after every pull and people that just cannot CC the right targets when you need them to.

But in time, I came to learn (as you will) that these are the things that will help make you a better tank.

Runs always going smoothly without a single hiccup teaches you absolutely nothing.

Runs that are a nightmare, ones that make you tear out your hair? Those are the ones that help you grow stronger as a tank, one that will easily react to the unexpected and know what abilities to use and when.

So embrace the unwashed masses, throw yourself at their mercy and we’ll hope with you that you come out of the other end in one piece.


  1. I for one enjoy both the good guild runs and the bad pug runs. I really don’t mind teaching new folks how to do a heroic they have never been in. What does get frustrating is when they don’t listen and wipe us for no reason.

    I totally understand what you mean however about needing bad runs to keep us on our toes.

    Last night a matter of fact, in a SFK run, the healer died on the red light, green light fight. It took a timely Battle Rez of a competent DPS, some bark skin, and a tranquility to insure a kill at 25% but the effort paid off.

  2. Very nice post. It’s the most thought-provoking I’ve read in a while. Especially as a tank myself!