The Grind

Reputations are fun things aren’t they? They’re just so fun to raise that I can’t find anything else more enthralling to do in the game after I’ve raised one or two of them to exalted.

. . .

You didn’t really buy that did you?

Today we’re going to be talking about how to maximize your reputation gains so that you spend as little time doing it as possible. Now I’m well aware that the majority of you have probably hit the cap with the reputations that you need if you’ve been playing consistently since the expansion but maybe you have alts that are starting their own reputation grinds or maybe your friends need suggestions on how to maximize their reputation earnings.

In that case, a few of these suggestions might come in handy when it comes to raising as many reputations as you need to the levels you need in the least amount of time.

First things first, the obvious tip is that if there’s a reputation reward that you absolutely have to have, the no-brainer approach is to slap on the tabard and do the dailies for that rep at the same time.

This approach is really for that one item slot that you absolutely have to replace or maybe a piece that’s just too good to pass up on getting first.

There are downsides to this approach though.

When you focus on grinding out the rep for something like the Therazane, it’ll go by quickly. You’ll have the rep from dungeons as well as the huge amount of daily quests contributing to it.

The problem arises when you finish with that and move on to something like the Ramkahen who only have two daily quests (one of which is a pain in the ass).

While the round-robin method is better for clearing out each rep one at a time, it doesn’t exactly maximize the time you’re spending. You’ll complete the early reputations soon but overall, you’ll spend more time to raise all your reputations. This is fine if there are just one or two reputations that you need to raise but if you need a bit of something from everyone, you might want to reconsider that method.

If it’s a number of reputations that you need to level at once, you need to organize yourself a little more. Keep in mind that some factions have a lot of daily quests while other barely have any. If you need everything raised, the best way to maximize your time would be to organize a little better.

For starters, obviously, do all of the quests that you can that will raise reputation. A lot of zones have a quest or two hidden away in an out of the way spot that will give you a little boost. Second, do all of the daily quests you can for the factions that you need to raise your reputation with. Finally, keep the tabard on for the faction that has the least daily quests.

What does this mean?

Take for example, with the current factions, the Ramkahen and the Therazane. While you can use the Therazane tabard in dungeons and do the daily quests for both factions, you’ll max out your Therazane reputation a lot faster than the Ramkahen as they only have two daily quests compared to the six or seven that the Therazane offer.

If you were to use the Ramkahen tabard while doing the daily quests for both, yes, you would take a little longer to max out Therazane but in the long run, you’ll reach exalted with both factions long before you would if you were to concentrate on one of them at a time.

So simple rule of thumb if you need to raise a lot of reputations?

Do all your daily quests and keep the tabard on for the reputation that has the least number of daily quests to minimize the time it’ll take to raise all of them together.


  1. Anonymous says:

    The tabard doesn’t change rep you get for doing quests. Tabards only assign reputation for killing mobs from within dungeons.

    • Yeah, I think that’s what he meant. Wear the talbard while doing the dailies for the other faction and you’ll increase the faction for wearing the talbard and the other faction for doing the daily!