Tanking Ozruk

“Break yourselves upon my body. Feel the strength of the earth!”

So if you’ve been diligently doing your daily heroic, you likely recognize this quote and might be getting a little tired of it.

Of all the fights you might encounter in the current tier of heroics, this lovable fellow choking off access to the last boss in the Stonecore is probably one that’s going to give you the most problems.

There are other fights that push out more damage or have fight mechanics that are more dangerous to your party and yet other fights that have a lot of “gotcha!” moments that ends up with everyone dead and no one having any idea what just happened.

Ozruk has the dubious honor of being known affectionately as the “tank” fight. Meaning simply that his mechanics are geared, not towards killing the party, but more towards making your life miserable and that’s where this handy dandy short list of tactics comes into play.

For starters, when you’re tanking him, do what you can to hold him a little into that little corridor he stands next to. The tighter space will help buffer the occasional time you get knocked away.

The first thing to watch out for is his Paralyze ability. This can be negated easily by applying a dot to yourself through his shield abilities. Watch for his Spike Shield and Elementium Bulwark (ie, when he does his quote) and attack during it to leave a dot on yourself. The damage that ticks on you will be enough to prevent the Paralyze from running it’s full duration and killing you.

The second insta-death mechanic is his Ground Slam. Ozruk slams the ground in front of him, causing a series of spikes to tear up from the ground in a cone mechanic. It’s important to face him away from the party for this reason as well as to get away from it yourself, most easily accomplished by simply strafing to the side as soon as the warning comes up.

Another instant kill that he’ll try to pull on you is his Shatter ability. This one functions the same way as most bosses nova mechanics work, namely, you need to be running away from the boss ASAP to avoid death. The problem is, the casting time is short enough that in most cases, unless your reactions are really spot on, there’s no way you’ll get away in time to avoid it if you wait for the indicator before you run. Lucky for you, his resemblance to stone has made him a little predictable and he’ll always cast this ability right after his Paralyze so react accordingly!

Be ready to move right as his Paralyze finishes casting and you’ll make it away everytime.

So as a final quick summary:

Paralyze: Avoid by always keeping a low grade dot on yourself by casting a dot at him during his spell shield or attacking him during his physical shield.

Ground Slam: Avoid by strafing to the side until the spikes are gone before strafing back to your original position.

Shatter: Always cast right after Paralyze. Avoid death by beginning to run out the instant his Paralyze cast finishes and then get back in as quickly as you can to keep him from moving too far out of position.

It may take a couple of tries to see how he telegraphs each ability but once you see each of them, you won’t have a hard time avoiding them.

Good luck!


  1. Face boss into wall. Step aside on Ground Slam. Intervene a healer. Charge boss, repeat.

    It’s a warrior fight. And my favourite as well. Probably more annoying for paladins and deathknights, but who cares, they could’ve roll warriors, right? ;)