Making the Best Use of Dual Specs

Today we’re going to be looking at the ability to have two talent specs on hand at any given time and how to maximize that benefit.

To get the obvious things out of the way first, if you’re a full time tank with no interest in PvP and no more daily quests to get through, this week’s article isn’t really for you. You can use your two trees to tailor an AoE/single target tanking tree or you can try make a spec choice between threat and survivability and then rotate between them from fight to fight as needed.

If you utilize your secondary talent tree for something like PvP or a DPS spec is when we run into some problems regarding choice.

What it basically boils down to is, if you can only tailor your tanking spec for ONE thing, what would you prefer designing it for? Heroic tanking? Or raid tanking?

This dilemma is sparked in a large part by the comments from the previous post, mentioning the very valid criticism that not everyone is at the point where they’re tanking raids and nothing else.

But one must remember one thing that I include at the end of almost every post that regardless of what I or anyone else tells you, you HAVE to tailor your spec and playstyle according to what you’re comfortable with and what you’re doing.

I suggested that spec as a primary tanking spec because that’s what I’m currently doing. If you’re out there, tanking heroics day in and day out, obviously, it would be a better idea to shift your spec to accommodate what you’re doing at the moment.

By the same token though, no matter whether you’re tanking just heroics or whatnot, I still stand by most of the choices that I’ve recommended as the alternatives are hard for me to justify, even on a situational basis.

And finally, a few thoughts about only having one tanking spec, I want you guys to consider a situation for me. Say you can only make one tanking spec as the other one is taken up by your other activities in game. Assume also that you spend an equal amount of time tanking in raids and tanking in heroics.

Which activity would you choose to hamper to benefit the other?

Me personally, I would choose to spec my tree to optimize for raid tanking, even if my heroic endeavours suffered for it, simply because when you’re tanking in a raid, there tends to be a lot more on the line than when you’re simply tanking a 5-man heroic.

But again, as ever, you are the only one that can decide what’s best for you.

I know that this is a point that I’m constantly, CONSTANTLY harping about and I’m sure you’re tired of it by now but it’s 110% true and it’s really the only thing that you need to take away from me to be at least a good tank.

If you believe that you’re better served by optimizing for heroic dungeons than raids in this point in time, that’s definitely something that you should do.

If you believe your raiding team is good enough to deal with a slightly sub-optimal spec while your heroics constantly suffer, then by all means, spec to focus on heroics.

At the end of the day, you’re always going to be the one to make the choices as to what’s best for you.

All that I’m here for is to make sure that the choices that you make are informed ones.