Cataclysm Level 85 Tank Enchants

So, you’ve reached level 85, huh? Think you’re all done with Cataclysm, huh? Well if you do, then you’re dead wrong. All World of Warcraft players know that leveling to 85 is barely half the work in playing WoW. Now that you’ve dinged to the level cap once again (which we thank Blizzard for not making it a LONG grind to level 90), the real fun begins as you fight through dungeons and quests getting the elusive gears, leveling your professions to the next level cap, and getting your game on for the heroics and raids.

Now we’ll be talking about the Enchants available to us tanks in this new expansion. Now the choices seem few compared to Wrath of the Lich King considering that several stats have been removed or merged. But even so, Cataclysm provides an impressive line up of enchants that will feed our need for damage mitigation, threat generation, and survival. But remember these enchants are here to only help. Skills and dedication is key to true tanking.

Most of the enchantments available can be bought from your favorite enchanters or the ever-reliable, but often overpriced, Auction Houses. While some require reputation grinding from certain factions.

Level 85 Head Enchant

Arcanum of the Earthen Ring: 90 Stamina, 35 Dodge Rating

Level 85 Shoulder Enchant

Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz: 75 Stamina, 25 Dodge Rating

Level 85 Back Enchant

Enchant Cloak – Protection: 250 Armor

Level 85 Back Enchant

Enchant Chest – Greater Stamina: 75 Stamina

Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats: 20 to all stats

Level 85 Wrist Enchant

Enchant Bracer – Dodge: 50 Dodge Rating

Level 85 Hands Enchant

Enchant Gloves – Greater Mastery: 65 Mastery Rating

Enchant Gloves – Mighty Strength: 50 Strength

Level 85 Leg Enchant

Charscale Leg Armor: 145 Stamina, 55 Agility

Level 85 Feet Enchant

Enchant Boots – Earthen Vitality: 30 Stamina, Movement Speed Increase

Enchant Boots – Major Agility: 35 Agility

Level 85 Weapon Enchant

Enchant Weapon – Windwalk: Chance to increase Dodge Rating by 600

Enchant Weapon – Mending: Chance to heal damage on attack

Level 85 Shield Enchant

Enchant Shield – Blocking: 40 Block Rating

Enchant Shield – Protection: 160 Armor

Level 85 Ring Enchant (For 475 Enchanters only)

Enchant Ring – Greater Stamina: 60 Stamina

Enchant Ring – Agility: 40 Agility

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