Cataclysm Level 85 Tank Enchants

So, you’ve reached level 85, huh? Think you’re all done with Cataclysm, huh? Well if you do, then you’re dead wrong. All World of Warcraft players know that leveling to 85 is barely half the work in playing WoW. Now that you’ve dinged to the level cap once again (which we thank Blizzard for not making it a LONG grind to level 90), the real fun begins as you fight through dungeons and quests getting the elusive gears, leveling your professions to the next level cap, and getting your game on for the heroics and raids.

Now we’ll be talking about the Enchants available to us tanks in this new expansion. Now the choices seem few compared to Wrath of the Lich King considering that several stats have been removed or merged. But even so, Cataclysm provides an impressive line up of enchants that will feed our need for damage mitigation, threat generation, and survival. But remember these enchants are here to only help. Skills and dedication is key to true tanking.

Most of the enchantments available can be bought from your favorite enchanters or the ever-reliable, but often overpriced, Auction Houses. While some require reputation grinding from certain factions.

Level 85 Head Enchant
Arcanum of the Earthen Ring: 90 Stamina, 35 Dodge Rating

Level 85 Shoulder Enchant
Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz: 75 Stamina, 25 Dodge Rating

Level 85 Back Enchant
Enchant Cloak – Protection: 250 Armor

Level 85 Back Enchant
Enchant Chest – Greater Stamina: 75 Stamina
Enchant Chest – Peerless Stats: 20 to all stats

Level 85 Wrist Enchant
Enchant Bracer – Dodge: 50 Dodge Rating

Level 85 Hands Enchant
Enchant Gloves – Greater Mastery: 65 Mastery Rating
Enchant Gloves – Mighty Strength: 50 Strength

Level 85 Leg Enchant
Charscale Leg Armor: 145 Stamina, 55 Agility

Level 85 Feet Enchant
Enchant Boots – Earthen Vitality: 30 Stamina, Movement Speed Increase
Enchant Boots – Major Agility: 35 Agility

Level 85 Weapon Enchant
Enchant Weapon – Windwalk: Chance to increase Dodge Rating by 600
Enchant Weapon – Mending: Chance to heal damage on attack

Level 85 Shield Enchant
Enchant Shield – Blocking: 40 Block Rating
Enchant Shield – Protection: 160 Armor

Level 85 Ring Enchant (For 475 Enchanters only)
Enchant Ring – Greater Stamina: 60 Stamina
Enchant Ring – Agility: 40 Agility


  1. Could we have some feedback on Tanks taking Agility VS Strength. Agility seems to be the only stat which pushes up Dodge and 100% avoidance, so I have banked some of it.

    Feedback please!

    Nixtdorf from Mazrigos server

  2. Reading the tables @ Wowpedia ( it seems that you need 84 Agi points to get 1% dodge at lvl80, if you’re a Warrior or a DK. I bet the formulas are changed, but we can still assume that the Agi per Dodge percent is not a good deal for warriors. Moreover you will not find many plate pieces with Agi, and as the best chance to stack it comes from trinkets / rings / neck, you’re going to loose a lot of dodge and parry rating – are you sure it worth the deal?

    On the other hand, strength gives us a lot of AP, and it means more threat. At least at this point of dungeon progress, i guess that higher threat generation is better than a small amount of dodge.

    Of course I assume that you’re not talking about feral tanking, else Agi is mandatory. =)

    Chervil @ Moonglade-EU

  3. Skip Enchant Weapon – Mending ( It hardly procs and heals for next to nothing (880 hp when I have ~135k)

    • Anonymous says:

      Heals for 5500 for me with 198k, and comes up a lot, great for soloing old raids and that, no more word of glory.

  4. Also Str gives you parry, which currently is more desirable for at least Warrior tanks over dodge.
    Though that is because 1 parry point > 1 dodge point
    I think I had 84 dodge changed into parry and this is how it the % worked out
    dodge before: 14.28%
    dodge after: 13.83
    difference: 00.45
    Parry before: 12.55
    Parry after 13.03
    difference: 00.53
    not much, but once you start getting higher, its a lot better.

  5. Masochist says:

    Just out of curiosity – wouldn’t the WoTLK’s [Enchant Bracers – Major Stamina] yield a more beneficial enchant than the 50+ dodge rating?

    40 Stam vs 0.2829 % dodge chance

  6. I thought the idea was to dodge whatever you can, parry what you cant, and have block as a last resort to minimize damage taken afterward, since you still take damage when you block. Of course you still want to have alot of stamina for a ton of health, and strength for threat. Is mastery useful? For me, (pally) provides Divine Bulwark which increases block chance i think. May be wrong here, help me out.

  7. Masochist says:

    I think the best thing you want is to have dodge and parry at roughly the same ~% that way they both are affected the same way through Diminishing Returns. So I suppose if we were to get down to the nitty-gritty you should take the dodge enchant if your dodge % [<] your parry %. Otherwise enchant for Stamina.

  8. what no glove chant?

  9. I find that as a paladin tank I am stacking nothing but mastery at this point in the game and ending up a beast tank. for me priority is Mastery, parry, dodge. Reason for this is easy. Paladins get no bonus for dodges or parries, but we get reckoning with blocks. parry scales faster then dodge so stack it first.

  10. Yea, definitely 40 stam to bracers instead of that dodge bs for Warriors

  11. Parry resets a boss attack. So therefore every time you parry an attack, you’re giving the boss another whack at you. That is why dodge is more desirable. Dodge is pure mitigation.

    • Anonymous says:

      first off what you are speaking of is every time the BOSS parry’s someone their swing time is REDUCED. and like Phil said that was removed before cata.

  12. Thats nonsense – parry hasn’t reset swing timers since 4.0.1 launched.

    Its generally best to keep parry and dodge roughly equal to minimise waste due to diminishing returns – unless you have a class mechanic or trinket proc that gives more value to one or another.

    Some classes also benefit greatly from mastery (paladins, DK’s, Bears).

    In general – never reforge away mastery, but reforge dps stats to dodge or parry as required to keep them up at roughly the same levels.

  13. Lttlbighorn says:

    This is more of a response to Lupey.

    Paladins may not get any specific bonus to parry or dodge, but depending on what trinkets you have for procs (Like Throngus Finger) parry is favorable to dodge because it causes the proc to hit, which ironically increases your dodge.

  14. as a tank just starting out in raids (3 down in bwd) I’m stacking just mastery on my paladin. I reforge to mastery where I can and use reforge to balance my dodge/parry ratings to reduce diminishing returns on items that have mastery.

    I wonder what people think of using the agility/mastery shoulder enchant over the stam/dodge one.

  15. As a feral bear tank. Most of this is wrong. As for the comment above. I use the agi/mastery enchant. 60 agi comes out to be around 48 dodge rating which is better than the actual dodge.

  16. Something to note about the enchants listed above, most are actually NOT set up well for warriors. Warriors actually get zero dodge from agility. This was changed in cata mechanics and was noted pre-cata to begin with, im at a loss why continued posts are up without someone mentioning this.

    Warrior specific goes:

    Head: Arcanum of the Earthen Ring
    Shoulders: Greater Inscription of Unbreakable Quartz
    Back: 250 Armor
    Chest: 75 Stamina
    Bracer: 50 Dodge
    Gloves: 65 Mastery
    Belt: Ebonsteel Belt Buckle
    Legs: Charscale Leg Armor
    Feet: Earthen Vitality or 50 Mastery
    Rings: Stamina
    Weapon: Windwalk or Blade Warding(synergy with Hold the Line talent)
    Shield: Mastery

    That about does it, there are some additional enchants that are rated slightly lower and this is for warrior tanks only, but ideally you take mastery and stamina where ever you can. Mastery> Parry> Dodge > Stamina > Armor > Strength.

    • actually in terms of stat priority at the moment for warrior keep dodge and parry approx the same but mastery > stam > parry > dodge > expertise (cap) > hit cap

  17. For your feet the leather working patch for 44 stamina is a better choice, except for PVPers.

  18. @Chris charscale is stam/agility, you want drakescale for stam/dodge.

    As far as stats, I prioritize stamina in the background, but stack mastery>parry>dodge. The reason why parry is higher than dodge on the list is because of the talent, Hold the Line. A successful parry grants 10% crit/crit block chance, and that is awesome, is it not (warrior)? I think the theorycrafted ratio on Tspot was 1.2 parry : 1 dodge. So if you have 12% parry you want 10% dodge, 24%/20%, etc. Fill the rest in with mastery and you’re golden.

  19. Windwalk is the best tank enchant in the game(Other than DK enchants). Its worth 1700g, only use on weapons you know your going to keep a while and it is much better than mending. Thats why windwalk is 1700g and mending is 100g. :D