Cataclysm Levelling

So the world has been shattered two weeks ago, Deathwing is free but you don’t really care about that one bit, do you?

No, you don’t.

Because the Cataclysm will be available for play in just a few short hours or the next day if you chose to not go with the digital download option.

No, you don’t give a damn about Deathwing right now. What you care about is the upcoming levelling trek you have ahead of you in the days/weeks to come.

What you care about are the new races, and the new professions, and tanking things that you’ve never tanked before.

Unfortunately, everyone else is going to care about those things too so now is a good time to prepare for that.

You really need to stop and think about how you want to handle this.

While we covered the various methods available to you when it comes to levelling, a fundamental question still needs to be asked.

Do you want to?

A new expansion is always an exciting time as everything is new for everyone but it can be really frustrating too.

Do you want to compete with a million people for quest mobs and resource nodes?

Do you want to get ganked if you’re on a PvP realm or griefed if you’re on a PvE realm?

Once you have access to the expansion, whether it’s at midnight tonight or if it’s tomorrow after you get home from work, you have three options to consider.

First, you can grind out instances to hit those levels. As I’ve described before, yes, it will be boring but you won’t be competing for mobs, you won’t be ganked much at all and with a solid group, you’ll level just as fast as the people that are questing normally.

Your second option is to try get ahead of the curve a little. Everyone will be packed into the two new starting zones aimed at level 81-82 so you can try cheat it a bit by skipping forward a bit and jumping into the next zone a little early. Yes, it will be a little tougher at first, especially when dealing with the stamina inflation present but as long as you can keep up the pace, you’ll be levelling in pretty empty zones for the first little while, enough to keep you ahead on the short trip to 85 and you can always return to the 81-82 zones later once they’re clear to have a look at the quests that you’ve missed.

Your final option is to not run the rat race altogether. Go back and start a goblin or a worgen alt. Have a look at their starting zones and level that one up a while. By the time you get bored of it or hit 80 with that,
the 81-82 zones should be clear for you to have a straight shot at it which might be more to your liking.

As with all of my advice, the final verdict is up to you so pick your poison and good luck out there tomorrow.


  1. Do I want to wait for a boss to respawn in a queue of at least 30 people? No, but I did. it sucks though. You hit the nail on the head.

    What I would like to do, and I dunno if I’m in the wrong area, is get to mining some obsidium. Some ridiculous arseclown is already selling a 20 stack for 1k G in my realm. Ridiculous. That obsidium shield looks oh-so-tasty.