Reforging in A Shattered World

So today we’ll be taking a look at the process of reforging and how that works.

The new reforging system is one in which you can reduce the amount of one of the stats on your gear and add on some secondary stats that aren’t currently present on the item.

The problem with the reforging system lies with the fact that the primary tanking stat is stamina but stamina is present on pretty much every single item you can possibly find, making it impossible for you to reforge for it.

The good thing about this system is that it actually helps you shore up your weaker stats and allows you to focus a lot more exclusively on stamina.

Things like hit and expertise rating are good choices. Under normal circumstances, you would find yourself sacrificing gem slots to hit the caps for your expertise and hit ratings but most of those choices are only made because you have to make them anyway. Plainly speaking, if you were already at your hit and expertise caps, you wouldn’t have to settle for the slightly inferior gem to reach those caps.

To be sure, there are a few cases where the socket bonus is good enough to make that sacrifice, but in most cases, you shoot for the socket bonus to lessen the blow of not being able to gem for stamina.

Those days are now over. In most cases, you’ll find that you’ll be able to just gem straight stamina and shore up the weaker caps to hit using the reforging system.

The main question then, for most tanks that are at the level cap and have been doing that job for a while is what to reforge for if you’re already at your hit and expertise caps?

The answer is simple but the reasoning can be a little complex.

Basically, you want to reforge for whatever stat’s lowest between your Parry, Dodge and Mastery.

Life as a prot warrior has turned into nothing but a big balancing act. Because of the way diminishing returns work, you don’t want to just force feed yourself one avoidance stat, no matter how good it is because with every successive point you get less and less returns on it.

The best way to deal with reforging once you’re at your hit and expertise caps it to just use it to keep yourself balanced. If you get a new piece of gear that shoots up your dodge, reforge some more useless stats (such as extra hit or expertise) into parry rating. And vice versa for dodge.

Keeping your growth as even as possible between your defensive stats will ensure that you remain a favourite amongst your healers.

Too much avoidance will give your healers heart attacks as your health spikes up and down and not enough avoidance with a focus on mitigation will turn you into a mana sponge.

Balance is the key and the reforging system is something that’s incredibly effective in allowing you to maintain that balance so you should be sure to take advantage of that..