Building Contacts while Levelling

In our last article together, I covered a topic that’s going to be near and dear to all of our hearts sometime in the next two weeks.

I am, of course, speaking once again about levelling with the coming expansion.

I know, I know, you’re all just jumping for joy but let me tell you right now, when Cataclysm hits and you leave behind all those other struggling warriors behind in the dust, you’ll be glad that you thought ahead.

Keep in mind too that while this article is mainly focused on warriors and the push from level 80-85, the general principles will also apply to levelling from 1-85 as well, given how early that dual talent specializations are available and the new cheaper price for it.

So we’ve covered various aspects and methods for levelling last week and by now, if you’ve been reading, you’ll have at least a general idea of which method would suit your playstyle more. What this week’s article will cover is how to increase your efficiency regardless of which path you choose.

Dual specializations are a powerful tool when it comes to levelling, especially when you consider it on a class that’s capable of tanking.

The obvious and logical thing to do is to keep one spec reserved for your tanking spec while the other spec goes for a damage dealing spec.

The tanking spec is obvious. As this is a tanking blog, you’ll reap the benefits of being able to tank with a few moment’s notice. By having that option available to you, you’ll skip a LOT of time in the LFG tool as tanks are always the limiting factor. As an added benefit, if you should choose to pull together a group without using the LFG tool, you can build up a solid friends list of people that are efficient and good at their jobs for future reference, sort of like building up a list of  contacts for a resume.

As a levelling tank, if you’re good at what you do, you have the unique opportunity to be noticed, have people on your server recognize your name so that in the future, when and if you’re looking for a guild, those memories can reflect well on you.

While it’s definitely true that the same can be said for DPS and healers, it’s noticable to a much smaller extent compared to the tank.

Take advantage of it while you’re levelling. Make note of the healers and DPS on your server that strike you as good players and keep them on your friends list. Ask them along if you’re planning on running a dungeon and offer them a quicker queue time and build up that rapport because whether they’re in your guild or not, whether you’re in a guild or not, those contacts WILL pay off.

Sometime down the road, your guild might be looking for a good healer or a damage dealer and they’ll be looking for a new home. Or conversely, you might be dissatisfied with your current guild once level 85 raiding and it WILL be easier to find a new home if you have a solid playerbase on your server that knows that you’re a skilled and efficient tank.

So keep in mind that the push up from 80-85 or from 1-85 isn’t just a grind and it isn’t just a levelling experience. Look at it as an opportunity to build up your list of contacts on your server and I guarantee you that if you help and develop good players as you level, it’ll pay off in spades once the end game comes around.