4.0 Warrior Cataclysm Preview – Glyphs

Okay, so last week, we hashed together a rough spec that will serve you well to start off with out of the gate.

This week, we’ll be taking a look at the new glyph system and, given the changes, which glyphs will likely be the most desired for tanking.

Please keep in mind too, to take everything said with a grain of salt. More than any other role, tanking is a highly individualized job and if something works for you you and your group that I’m not suggesting, by all means, forge your own path!

I will be returning to some of the more controversial points at a slightly later date to help you prepare for Cataclysm to come so that even if we don’t see eye to eye, at least you’ll have both sides of the issue at hand before you make your choices.

So starting off with the Prime glyphs, the choices are extremely simple, namely because there are really only three Prime warrior glyphs that even relate to tanking. For that reason, every full protection warrior will be taking the glyphs for Devastate, Revenge, and Shield Slam. Given the fact that all the other primes are related to the other two specs, this is a very simple choice to make.

The Major glyphs is where a lot of the choices come into play. WIth the new system, what major glyphs do now is to change the way a given spell behaves. Given that fact, this is where most of us will differ as what we pick depends entirely on our own personal playstyle as well as what we’ve talented.

The obvious Majors that you won’t be taking are: Collosus Smash, Death Wish, Intercept, Sweeping Strikes and Victory Rush. While a lot that are left are perhaps more skewed towards PvP benefits, they have some arguable use in the rare boss fight where a specific fight mechanic requires a specific response on your part.

The big contenders are going to be the Sunder Armor glyph (it DOES affect Devastate), Thunder Clap/Resonating Power, and Shockwave.

While the other majors have their place here or there, they seem to be more built for a niche encounter or for PvP, like Spell Reflection, Intervene and Piercing Howl. Which Thunder Clap glyph you take depends on whether you prefer the slightly extended range on it, or whether or not you have rage issues.

Shield Wall glyph is something that’s going to be extremely situational. Occasionally, a fight might arise that has one extremely hard hitting mechanic and in that case, you should swap out to fit that glyph in. However, most of the time, the two minutes added to the cooldown for an extra 20% reduction just isn’t worth it, but remember to be flexible and keep some vanishing powder on you for that rare situation.

Minor glyphs are barely worth mentioning. Just toss in whatever will improve your quality of life the most and call it good. Just keep in mind, the Furious Sundering glyph does NOT affect Devastate’s rage cost, so unless you’re using Sunder Armor instead of Devastate for some reason, it’s going to be next to useless for you.

So that should set you up pretty well with our glyph selection.

Next week we’ll take a close look at how the rotation might have changed with the 4.0 patch and how you should shift tactics to adjust for that change.