Shiny Weapons!

Let’s talk enchants.

Let’s talk about that magical combination of dusts, powders and crystalline shards that give your weapon that nice and happy glow.

What’s that? They also give your weapons properties and abilities that they wouldn’t otherwise have had?


Damn, I’m going to have to go back and take another look at the tooltips.

Taking a gander at all of these enchantments available, it’s hard to really isolate which one’s the best one for the job. While an argument can be made for the relative merits of this one or that one, the reason why it’s hard to isolate one that’s better than the rest is because a lot of the latest generation of tanking enchants are just really lackluster compared to the options in Burning Crusade.

But you know what, cry me a river right? Let’s take a look at the lot and see if we can pick out the best of a bad litter.

Taking a look, the first on the list of new enchants is is the ubiquitous Blade Warding.Now as enchantments go, it’s not overtly bad. Appeals to the crowd that goes more into the chance to dodge crowd than the ones that prefer to stack armor and but to each his own really. The problem with a proc that grants you a chance to completely dodge an attack is that you have no way of knowing that you’ll actually DODGE an attack once it procs. While it may not be very likely, there’s still a decent chance that the enchant could proc while you’re low and then you don’t parry a single attack, rendering it useless.

The only problem is that the other endgame enchantment that’s come out is also pretty lackluster. Blood Draining works by stacking charges up to five and then releasing them the next time you drop down below 35% health. I’ve personally found it to be a better choice than Blade Warding.

While Blade Warding has the potential to prevent you from taking a 20k hit, it’s random. Blood Draining is just a consistant 2k heal right when you need it.

For that reason, given the choice, Blood Draining has always been what I’ve gone for. Perhaps it’s because of my relatively cautious nature, and I certainly wouldn’t fault anyone who chose the other option but when it came to the matter of tanking, I’ve always preferred the sure thing over the maybe, maybe nots.

The last potential, still on the list and going strong despite it’s age is the good ole Mongoose enchant. Despite the reduced effectiveness of the enchantment at level 80, a decent amount of tanks still sport this one.

While it is an old enchant, to be honest, the mitigative difference between Mongoose and Blade Warding are pretty miniscule.

It really just comes down personal preference.

If you’re the type that likes the sure thing, your choice is pretty set on Blood Draining.

If you’re the type of tank that likes to play more of a big risk for big reward kind of game, Blade Warding might be the enchantment for you.

In either case, choose according to your personality and don’t look back. They’re really not all that far from each other in terms of effectiveness.


  1. the other option is to go for something completely 100% constant, and get a titanium weapon chain or Accuracy, allowing you to gear a little less for hit and more for survival stats elsewhere, assuming you are able to make that choice.

  2. Accuracy all the way for me. more hit and crit = more damage = more threat.

    I just can’t put my faith in a random proc, and a 1 time 2k heal is paltry when you think about how hard bosses hit.