Tanking Vacation: Prot PvP Part 2

Last week, we took a quick overarching view of what a protection warrior to the PvP table; control, mobility and the ability to take one hell of a licking and keep on ticking.

We’re going to take a deeper look at what the protection warrior brings to the table and exactly how those skills are implemented when you’re being chased by a ravenous horde of opposing team members.

For starters, let’s take a quick look at the build that you’re going to want to run with. The prot pvp warrior has a lot more variation in his build depending on what role you’re responsible for and the size of your team. Instead of a spec though, I’ll outline a couple of the primary talents that you’ll want to look out for.

You’re obviously going to take a lot of the defensive options available for you, though maybe not every single one. There’s a lot of defense against physical damage in your gear so you shouldn’t focus completely on it in your spec. Your defense against casters lies in a combination of your high HP pool and a few key talent choices. Something like Vitality, Improved Defensive Stance and Improved Spell Reflection are all good choices to take against casters.

On the other hand, the tools of your trade and the reason for your presence forces you to take certain other talents like Improved Revenge, Concussion Blow and Warbringer to make yourself useful.

As you walk into that arena or that battleground, keep foremost in your mind your purpose. You are control, pure and simple. By all means, if you see that squishy priest with no more cooldowns and little health trying to run away from your CC’d dps, charge after it and make it dead. But by and large, you’re going to want to save your cooldowns to disable the danger members of the opposing team.

Consider that if you toss all of your cooldowns and abilities at a single target without being interrupted, you can keep one or two enemies locked down for upwards of five to six seconds a piece between alternating between your Charge, Intercept, Concussion Blow and Shockwave.

Wait for a time when one of the opposing team is about halfway to dead and then go and pick on the enemy healer for a while to give your team a chance to finish someone off. When your team goes in for a kill, you should concentrate on maybe throwing a token stun at the kill target to keep him in place and then focus your attention on the healer. If you can keep that healer thinking about you instead of the dying team member, you pretty much have a kill.

On the other side of the loaf, you’re a powerful force to be reckoned with when it comes to peeling people off of your teammates. Don’t let your view be clouded by the enemy. Be aware of the health levels of your teammates and when you see one getting low, DO something about it. Charge the DPS chasing them, stun or interrupt the casters from nuking him to oblivion, dart over to their healer just long enough to make him call for help from his teammates, getting them off your team.

When you’re out there, keep your cool and don’t forget all of the skills you have at your disposal and all of their various uses. Remember to keep Spell Reflect on cooldown against a caster team, make sure to Disarm their melee and throw Intervenes and Vigilance onto your allies.

You have all of the tools available at your disposal to be an overwhelming nuisance to the enemy team as well as a lifesaver to your own so long as you don’t forget to make use of them.