Tanking Vacation: Prot PvP

Alright, so we’ve come full circle. Go and clean off that massive two-hander of all the blood that’s been collecting from all those arenas and battlegrounds that you’ve been frequenting this past week, I’ll wait.

All nice and shiny?

Good. Go and store that back into your bank. You’ll want it to be nice and clean the next time you feel the urge to take a vacation.

Here’s the thing though. You can’t just come off of a blood crazed high like that and expect to jump right back into tanking as if nothing happened. Every addict knows that you don’t just dive cold turkey into what’s been eating you in the first place. So instead, we’re going to have to slide back into the raid tanking role slowly by exploring the hybrid, the Protection PvP.

Protection PvP is a completely different animal from protection in PvE and arms in PvP. There’s much less emphasis on burst damage and a huge amount more placed on control.

For starters, when it comes to gearing, you basically have two options. You can slap on your full PvE tanking gear and rely on the defense to protect you from melee and the massive HP pool to protect you from the caster burst. The second option is to mix together your PvP gear and your PvE tanking gear for a mishmash of resilience and more damage. You’d have lower HP in the second set but it’d be balanced by the fact that you had more resilience to help mitigate the damage.

However you choose to gear up, once you’re ready to hit the arenas and BGs, there’s a load of fun to be had. You have to remember that the protection warrior is THE most mobile class in the game on the battlefield. Now bring that to the table when it comes to manoeuvring around a very quickly changing battlefield and you’ll soon see why prot warriors are so annoying in a PvP setting. With the built in survivability of being a tanking spec and geared that way as well, the incredible mobility as well as the utility of their various protection talents and spells, the protection warrior is, if not a sight to be feared, at least it’ll be something that provokes a wicked amount of annoyance.

The pillar that the protection warrior stands on in PvP is the ridiculous amount of control that he brings to the table. Between multiple stuns, silences and defensive options for saving oneself as well as your teammate, you can be an invaluable member of the team provided that there’s someone around to heal and someone around to blow people up.

You don’t bring too much damage to the table and with your easy access to Devastate, you’re much better off bringing along a physical DPS as a partner along with a healer if you go that route.

The healer heals, the DPS kills and you provide all of the timed control necessary to make it happen. Coordinate with your partners. Save your control for when your DPS has their cooldowns up ready to use. Use them to save your teammates when the enemy team blows their own trying to finish your team off.

You have the amazing ability to almost completely shut down the enemy team or to save your own with nothing but the abilities sitting in your spellbook so get out there and use them!