Tanking Vacation: Fury


Hey you.

Yeah you, the one sitting there all bored with your weapon on the ground and your shield on your back.

You don’t look like you’re having a good time at all. Yeah, yeah, I know that you’re fine tanking and you’re perfectly willing to help out your guildies and tank runs for them and all but you’re bored.

No, don’t try to deny it. You’re speaking to a fellow tank here remember? Here in the tanking brotherhood we don’t lie to each other. We share each others burdens and try to make life bearable again so here I am, your ever faithful servant with a little series of articles to try keep you amused.

Here in this first article, we’ll deal with the most likely path you’ll take when you need a vacation from tanking those bosses and that is, of course, fury.

There’s something you want to consider first. If you’re just switching to fury for fun in bgs and dungeons for a bit, then it doesn’t really matter as you can just do whatever you want and still be pretty successful.

If you’re trying this in a raid setting though, you’re really going to want to build up a half decent set of gear first before you give it a try to keep from making a bad showing for yourself.

In order of importance, you’re going to want to climb up to about 164 hit rating and 214 expertise rating. What these will do is ensure that you don’t miss the boss when you try to hit them. Now it’s important to realize that I said about that much hit and expertise. While hitting these hit and expertise caps are very important to your damage, as a protection warrior on a fury vacation, it’s not worth stressing over min maxing your damage to that degree so that you land on the caps exactly.

Just get to roughly that hit rating and that expertise and you’ll be alright.

The second thing you want to do in terms of stats is a bit tricky. You’ll want to get an even mix of strength, crit and armor penetration. The problem with stacking one of these to the exclusion of all else is that without a balance, you do some pretty horrible damage.

Sure, you can get up to 100% armor penetration first before you add on any crit or strength but you’ll still hit like a wet noodle. Ditto the other way around.

A balanced mix is what you want.

So build up that strength and crit and place a slightly higher emphasis on building up the armor penetration and you’ll be fine.

The cookie cutter spec can be found right here and there’s typically very little room for variation: http://www.wowhead.com/talent#LG0GzfhZhxe0V0u0eRVkAo:MGooMz .

And as for the battle itself, here’s all you really need to know.

Priority 1) Stand behind the boss while attacking and make sure that you do your best to avoid any and all aoe damage.

Priority 2) Keep Heroic Strike queued up as much as possible (rage providing)

Priority 3) Bloodthirst > Whirlwind > Slam > Execute.

The spell priority does have some minor variations depending on how your cooldowns are running and whatnot but for a brief vacation from tanking, that’s all you really need to know.

So get out there and smash in some faces!

I’ll be back next week with a look at the pvp side of life.


  1. Oddly enough, whenever I wanted a vacation from tanking, I played a rogue. Am I alone in this?