Welcome LordSnow!

As you may have noticed, we have had a few guest bloggers over the past couple of months. LordSnow will be joining the staff and bringing regular tanking updates. I have enjoyed his posts thus far and look forward to many more informative and entertaining posts in the future!

LordSnow was sucked into World of Warcraft during his early years in university and hasn’t looked back since. Initially beginning his WoW career as a face melting, warlocky force of doom, he eventually got suckered into switching to his warrior as a main to support the tanking needs of his current guild.

Since then, he plays around on his warrior, longing for the simple days of being a simple warlock with simple desires.

Want of variety has led him to playing various classes up to the level cap, getting a feel for them all and giving him a more well rounded view of the game in general and tanking in specific as he saw the various ways that classes interacted with each other when he was on different tanks.

While he currently spends most of his time on his warrior which has migrated to the Fury route, he still ends up spending a decent chunk of his playtime tanking and saving lives.

Welcome aboard!