Archives for August 2010

Tanking Vacation: Arms PvP

Back from your fury vacation already? It sure was fun seeing all those numbers pop up all over the place every time you hit Cleave or Whirlwind wasn’t it? But maybe you’re not ready to tank again quite yet. Maybe you’re still craving more, I’m sure you’re itching to introduce yourself to other living, breathing […]

Tanking Vacation: Fury

Psst. Hey you. Yeah you, the one sitting there all bored with your weapon on the ground and your shield on your back. You don’t look like you’re having a good time at all. Yeah, yeah, I know that you’re fine tanking and you’re perfectly willing to help out your guildies and tank runs for […]

“Oh shit!” Buttons

Do you know what’s a problem that I’ve seen so many tanks have? Something unexpected will happen in a raid and they’ll drop dead. Immediately afterward, someone will always ask the question. “Are your cooldowns still up?” And of course, the tank replies in the affirmative which means that the death and the subsequent wipe […]

An Ode to Off-Tanks

Off-tanks are a lot like the unsung heroes in our raids aren’t they? The main tank is the hero, for sure, hanging onto the biggest, scariest mob while the rest of the raid does their thing and where’s the off-tank in this whole thing? He’s up there if you actually take the time to look […]