Paladin Tanking – Got Mana?

So by now you’ve realized that your protection Paladin has about 6-7k mana unbuffed at level 80, and all of your abilities for tanking but the average melee swing, require mana. So let’s go over a way to keep your mana pool alive and full so your not having to sit for mana after each pull.

With this discussion I will go over some basic talent tree specc’ing for your mana regen, as well as your Paladin’s Seals and Judgements.

Lets touch basics first, your talent tree. If you tab over to the Protection tree on the 1st column 7th Tier down you will have the passive talent called, Spiritual Attunement


Having 2/2 on this passive is highly recommended for your Protection Paladin because instead of just giving you equal to 5% mana back for the amount healed, having 2/2 will increase that by another 5%, giving you equal to 10% of the amount healed. It may not mean much of a difference. But for tanking with a Paladin you need your mana!


The next ability your Paladin has to regen mana is your Judgement of Wisdom, this is a must have when it comes to your 9696 Rotation as explained in my previous tanking guide. This will help you keep your mana up during some of those weaker mob pulls.

PhotobucketLast, but not least is the type of Seal your using during pulls.  Now, depending on the size the pull, keep this in mind, Seal of Wisdom for single target pulls, and one of your other Seals for bigger pulls, like Seal of Vengeance.

I hope this gives you a better understanding on how to preserve that 7k manapool.

Good luck and Tank Hard!


  1. Wolfblitzer says:

    The first 2 points are good advice. Your third, however, is a terrible idea. The only seals you should even think about using for tanking are Vengeance, Command (for large AOE pulls,) and righteousness. Seal of wisdom is for Holy.

    You also omitted the most important thing a prot pally can do to keep mana up: judicious use of talented Divine Plea. With good timing and awareness, 100% uptime can be had.

  2. Asandriss says:

    What the hell are you talking about?!

    First this article is total crap. Most paladins don’t need, nor want 2/2 Spiritual Attunement. Second point there is a waste. You’ll get more than enough mana from just one point.

    Second, Seal of Wisdom. Any prot paladin that ever switch to SoW is plainly stupid. Threat you get from the mana is way less than you’d get from keeping SoCorr up, and mana is a waste. You’d get more threat if you’d remove Cons. from you rotations than like this.

    Lastly, paladins get mana back from Divine Plea, that coupled with it’s glyph provide descent mitigation as well as constant source of mana. Of course, during a raid boss fight you’ll get more mana from SA (1/2 talents) than from Plea but they stack and together they ensure you never run out of mana.

    Anyway, I have unsubscribed from this fail blog, I just wish for the sake of your readers that you publish my post.

  3. You only really need 1 point in spiritual attunement. The other ways paladins can regen mana are generally sufficient enough to only require a single point.

    You shouldn’t really need Seal of Wisdom, either. Use Vengeance for bosses, Command otherwise.

    You also missed out on two other very important means of mana regeneration for protection paladins:

    1) Blessing of Sanctuary returns mana every time you block, dodge, or parry.

    2) Guarded by the Light refreshes Divine Plea when you attack something. You want to keep this up all the time. Unfortunately, it only lasts 15 seconds when you aren’t hitting anything, and has a cooldown of a minute, so it can be hard to keep up when you are facing small pulls that are spread apart.

    Also, carrying around mana potions is important, as you can’t always keep DP up, or you forget to put it up and you find yourself totally out of mana, or you get mana drained (though that’s really only a problem in one fight in ICC).

  4. Jurakan says:

    Personally I feel that SoV is a bit better when it comes to raiding, it helps with the threat a bit, and if you’re doing your job as OT (as I was 90% of the time) or MT, you get hit enough that your mana pool shouldn’t be a problem unless you lay on hands or something. For heroics though, SoW is a must after a certain point, or at least it was for me. I was going OOM way too often, and I was still keeping aggro, and using a simple rotation without popping any cooldowns. Good call on Judgement of Wisdom though. I would often switch it with Judgement of Light in situations where the healer get’s stunned or something like that.

  5. Tankisaurus says:

    Don’t forget Divine Plea! Spend the talent points to make that refresh with ever melée swing and as long as you chain pull so it never runs off, you’ll have infinite mana.

  6. Glacious says:

    Liberated, there was 1 other thing that I find essential for mana regen as Prot Paladin and thats the 2 points in ‘Guarded by the Light’. Which at rank 2 reduces spell damage taken by 6% and gives a 100% chance to refresh the duration of your Divine Plea when you hit an enemy. In addition, your Divine Plea spell is 100% less likely to be dispelled. So basically if you hit Divine Plea before each fight you pretty much always have your mana regenerating at 25%. I have never had mana problems with this up.

  7. Littlebait says:

    There’s a lot of good information in the replies here. Saadly, the main article is horribly misleading with regards to the seals to use. Personally, for 5 mans (and raids, because I’m lazy) I run with Seal of Command, and the Seal of command glyph that returns 8% mana when judging with Command up. On bosses, I switch out to Seal of Vengeance. Also, learning to keep divine plea up by chain pulling mobs, and taking Guarded by the Light to refresh it on melee hits. I haven’t had to sit and drink between pulls pretty much since I got Divine Plea.

  8. Disagree strongly with the advice on SoW. As others have said, you’ll get more mana back from keeping your pulls going and keeping Divine Plea rolling. Short of that, you can eliminate Consecrate on smaller pulls and save a bunch of mana that way (HoR + a damaging seal is almost enough to keep the mobs on you).

    If you’re having to switch to SoW more than once in a blue moon, you’re doing something terribly wrong.

    2/2 SA is unneeded for most raiding situations, but I could see an argument for it when you’re in heroics (which I’m assuming someone reading this article would be).

    As others have said, don’t forget about Sanctuary and Divine Fleas!