Ruby Sanctum: Trash

We’re going to take a short break from my planned articles on what class you will be wanting to reroll into for Cataclysm to address a topic that I’m sure is near and dear to your hearts at the moment.

Yep, Ruby Sanctum is available now and if you don’t have a solid raiding team and you’ve tried to pug the damned thing, you know just how annoying the trash in there can be.

You might be sitting there, wondering to yourself, “as a tank, how can I make this instance run as smooth as possible for these lowly wretches that I’m absorbing all of these hits for?”

Well wonder no longer for you’ve come to the right place!

First off, a word to the wise, steel yourselves fellow tanks (and fur yourselves in the case of our bear brethren), for it’s been a long time since you’ve really had to think during trash pulls.

The first thing to keep in mind as you walk in is that you’re not in ICC. That delicious buff that granted you 25% more health and healing done doesn’t exist for the moment so you’ll have to be a bit careful. You find out too just how bad your threat drops without the 25% damage done which you didn’t think made that much difference but really does.

We’ll go from the easier trash mobs to the harder ones:

1) Charscale Elites: You’ll run into two pairs of these guys on either side of the third miniboss, General Zarithrian. They’re easy enough to handle and have no real surprises, simply tank them separately and burn them down one by one.

2) Charscale Assaulter: These are the big draconid looking guys that wander around on two legs and swing a glaive and look to be just itching to ruin your day. It’s important to note when tanking these guys that they do a frontal aoe stun as well as a hard hitting cleave so it’s extremely important that you tank them facing away from your raid and do your best not to drag them through your melee group, no matter how annoying that rogue’s been lately.

3) Charscale Invoker: These pansies walk around on four legs and look like casters, so I’m sure you’ll be plenty surprised when I tell you that they are casters. Do the smart thing and make sure that one or two people are responsible for interrupting their spells. You can generally ignore the Scorch that they cast but the Flame Wave should be interrupted at all times or there will be hell to pay. It’s a little hard to miss, a bright orange aura charges around them every time they cast it and if it goes off, all your melee will go flying back, possibly pulling an additional pack from way over there. Interrupt the Flame Wave at all costs.

4) Charscale Commander: Finally, we come to these guys. They’re a little hard to miss as they have a big battle pennant attached to their back. They hit pretty hard, dish out a Mortal Strike which tanks and healers the world over just love and do a fun aoe ability that increases damage dealt by all of their other dragon-y buddies within 8 yards.

Groups with the Commander will give you the most trouble no doubt, so there are a few things to keep in mind when facing the packs carrying these bad boys.

If you have a third tank, have one tank hold the two assaulters, one tank holds the two invokers and the third one grabs the commander and just holds him a safe distance away from all of the other mobs where he’ll be the last one killed.

This is probably the safest and easiest way to go about it, just remember that the invokers must have their Flame Wave interrupted at all times if you expect this to go smoothly.

Barring access to a third tank, the commander should be your primary kill target. Have your stronger tank hold the two assaulters and an invoker while your offtank grabs one invoker and the commander. Kill the Commander, then the invoker before moving on to the rest and things should be gravy.

Stay tuned next week when we go into the three minibosses that you’ll find around the place and a few tips you should know to make their deaths quick and painless.


  1. Arencey says:

    Very good info, I stepped into ruby sanctum today for the first time and we wiped twice on the trash until someone mentioned what was going on then the typical tank bashing insults ensued, I would like to know where people get off calling a tank “tarded” for not knowing every single detail of this game! *sigh* Oh well, those were nothing compared to hallthion worst boss fight Ive ever been a part of.

    We wiped so much I wonder if blizz made it too hard or I just had fail healers, here’s hoping next week goes better.

    • LordSnow says:

      Halion’s a very simple encounter as long as you take the fight in bite sized chunks and try to approach it in a more manageable fashion. If you let me know what bits and pieces you or your raid is having trouble with, I can try to help out.

      And yes, tanks do tend to catch a lot of flak in any game that requires them. The only thing to really do is just to grow a bit of a thicker skin about it.