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I Choose You: Death Knights

We come at last to the death knight, the red-headed stepchild of the tanking family that nobody really likes but everyone has to put up with because despite all of their flaws, they’re still part of the family. During the course of Wrath, death knights have enjoyed an interesting spot in the tanking family. While, […]

I Choose You: Paladins

Ah, welcome to the gravy train…at least for the duration of the current expansion. Without hope of competition, paladins are undeniably the strongest tank in the current expansion so if you’re already playing one or already in the process of levelling one up, you’re in luck as you’ll have at least a couple months more […]

Paladin Tanking – Got Mana?

So by now you’ve realized that your protection Paladin has about 6-7k mana unbuffed at level 80, and all of your abilities for tanking but the average melee swing, require mana. So let’s go over a way to keep your mana pool alive and full so your not having to sit for mana after each […]

I Choose You: Druids

Yes, this really is what will fill your screen about 90% of the time if you choose to be a bear in the upcoming expansion. Nah, I’m just kidding but to be fair, druids do have a slight issue with being a bit more…chubby than their plate wearing counterparts so if you’re planning on running […]