Midsummer Festival Report: Tanking Frost Lord Ahune

It’s that time of the year again. No, it ain’t Christmas, but the rewards for this seasonal occasion, in effect, can just be like Christmas. It’s Midsummer Festival here in World of Warcraft and you’ll notice almost everyone in Azeroth is celebrating it, save for the Lich King and his army of undead of course, haha! It’s the time of the year where we get some goodies and achievements by farming quests and the new dungeon boss which gives away 2 more Emblems of Frost on your first queue of the day.

Like what I’ve mentioned, the MidsummeFestival will treat us to a new boss in an old dungeon, the Slave Pens, which we can queue up using the dungeon finder. But this boss ain’t just any other boss. Nope, it’s nothing less than an Elemental Lord, an entity created by the Old Gods to challenge the Titans when Azeroth was still a baby. And with this mini-guide, we’ll be giving tankers a short glimpse and walkthrough on how to tank the new threat: the Frost Lord Ahune.

Frost Lord Ahune can be summoned by activating the huge icicle that is being guarded by a lone Naga warrior. Easy to get to but that isn’t the real test. Once you summon the Frost Lord, that’s when the party will kick in.

Ahune has 539k health, which seems to be a piece of cake for a group of level 80 toons. But the fight is a little more complicated than what it seems and requires the group to do a little more than tank and spank. If everyone is aware on how the fight goes, that’ll be the time when the encounter becomes easy. But if handled improperly, it might go ugly and lead to a wipe (ouch).

Ahune starts off his first phase by constantly casting Cold Slap, an ability that hits for 1500-4500 frost melee damage and knocks back the opponent in melee range. This will be your worst nightmare if you go straight to Ahune thinking that zerging him will get the fight done faster. He also has ‘Ahune’s Shield,’ which decreases all damage by 75%, and several adds, Ahunite Hailstone, Ahunite Frostwind, and Ahunite Coldwave.

The best way to handle the first phase battle is to face the ADDS and NOT the Frost Lord himself. The Ahunite Hailstone will be summoned first so it is vital to tank it as fast as you can while keeping away from Ahune’s Cold Slap range. Ideally, your melee DPS should help you exterminate the adds while your RDPS takes care of Lord Ahune. You shouldn’t need to worry about your range getting Ahune’s aggro because the Frost Lord doesn’t have a threat detector. Though his ability ‘Ice Spear’, which works by summoning icicles underneath players giving 1.5k damage and a knock-up effect giving 12% fall damage, is constantly casted but can be avoided by being aware of its initial animation.

90 seconds later in the encounter, Ahune will start Phase 2, where he will drop his frost armor, exposing his core. In this stage, he’ll stop spawning adds and stop casting Cold Slap. You must take this opportunity to bring down his health to zero as soon as possible. After some time, if the Frost Lord survives your assault, he’ll raise back his frost armor and repeat Phase 1 again. In such occasion, you must once again tank the adds and let your RDPS finish the job.

Once your through, you’ll be treated with 2 Emblems of Frosts for your first queue of the day.

Tanking the Frost Lord Ahune encounter is really easy as long as you know who are you suppose to tank. Also constantly remind your team members what to do in the fight to avoid a wipe. But I suppose at this point of the festival, everyone knows how to do it. Just remember, tank the adds, not the boss. Have fun with your Frosties!