Druid Tanking In Cataclysm: Roar for More!

Druid tanks have a lot of changes in store for them come Cataclysm. The stat changes and Rage Normalization will definitely be something to think about when doing a pull and a rotation. Ability wise, we won’t be seeing much for our beloved bear tanks as they continue to become a lackluster for new players or new tanks. We have yet to see the Druid tanks step up to the plate and manage keep up with the other tank classes, especially the Paladin.

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  1. Bombshell:

    Bears are so getting the shaft in Cata =(

  2. monochromacer:

    Yeah, too bad for them. :( Ever since ICC was out, I’ve only seen a few druids tank this. It’s always the Paladins that get the spotlight.

  3. Tulsa:

    I think Stampeding Roar is not meant for the pull. I think its meant for when melee need to switch target to an add for example. This would give them the speed to move and have less down time

  4. davas:

    well since the changes in the latest patch, druid tanks seem to have a very hard time maintaining their aggro/threat on mobs, atm its not to bad on single targets and bosses but add tanking is just not even funny, hopefully as we level upto 85 things may get better for the lovely bears, but i wont hold my breath

  5. Rehvenge:

    yes, mob tanking can be kind of a pain. the bears did get the shaft. the adjustment is a pain but once we get it down i think all will be ok. least… theres always hope.

  6. Nico:

    I don’t see any problems with Bear tanking in Cataclysm. To work it out, just stay positive and remember that it’s the DPS’ job to manage the threat.
    A tanks job is to have higher threat than the healer, which should be very easy, and to reduce the damage taken. To hold aggro in a multiple target pull without breaking Crowd Control abilities, mark one target with skull, maul it (DONT use the glyph of maul) and add a stack of Lacerate. Move on to the non-CCed targets and Lacerate them. Then back to the skull marked. Having all the DPS on the skull marked will make it alot easier to hold aggro.
    Im quoting davas comment:
    “druid tanks seem to have a very hard time maintaining their aggro/threat on mobs”
    This is wrong.
    The DPS will have a harder time not overaggroing. As I said, it’s the DPS job to manage aggro.

  7. Jurakan:

    @Nico-I’ve recently started on a druid tank, and it’s still in baby stages, level 25. You said not to use the maul glyph. If I’m not mistaken, that allows you to hit a second target for 50%. If that’s the one, it’s working out great for me. Why shouldn’t I use it?

    I agree with you on the DPS watching their aggro. As they say, if the tank dies, it’s the heals fault, if the healer dies, it’s the tank’s fault. If the DPS dies…it’s their own damn fault/who cares.

  8. BearSrUs:

    i Dno what kind of bear tanks u are here..
    but i have no agrro/thret probloms overall on my bear tank …not even with multiple mobs Doe’snt matter if its in a raid or not ..
    and i dont se why pplz saying bear tanks are not as good as other classes .. seem to be doing just fine alongside of other tank ..
    what ive seen in the other hand is that death knights and paladins have probloms keeping aggro..

  9. BearSrUs:

    only thing im wondering now is how much the dodge cap is..
    can’t seem to find anything useful about dodge for druids in cataclysm..

  10. Bearcattree:

    same i cant find anywhere how much dodge.
    and i have no prob holding aggro half the time i dont even have to cc with the groups im in i can pull 2 groups of trash and if dps lets me get aggro fro a sec i never lose it

  11. Anonymous:

    Iv found that as a bear tank in cata the only problem iv had is establishing threat with everyone pulling 15-25k in 25 man raids right off the bat. w/ misdirectes and such i would recomend keeping omen up and watching it carefully for burst threat inc from the dps.

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