Paladin Tanks in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm

Overall, comparing our Paladin tanks to other tank classes, Protection Pallys have enough tools to keep them among the top tankers in the game. This is despite the role is being jeopardized by the new stat system. But with proper training, rotation, and gear, Pally tanks can still be the most sought after, but not mandatory, addition to any raid or dungeon in the expansion.

The game has been tweaked by Blizzard, now it’s the tankers turn to use those tweaks to their own advantage. Paladins FTW! Woot!

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  1. Axxiiee:

    What I like about Pala tanks is that we ‘feel’ like a class than can seriously outlast any other tanking class. Bar Druids, Paladins can use a vast array of healing abilities as well, and we have some wicked cool proc’s that improve damage mitigation. Let’s not mention the lovely Ley on Hands for those ‘Oh shit’ moments.

    I suppose now the only problem will be do you take a Belf Pala, or opt for a Cowadin

  2. Bizzam:

    I’ll admit I’ve often had some pal-envy…

  3. Kirubi:

    hell it about time pally tnaks dps higher i hate losing aggro and epicly OOmin mid fight. not to menti0on blood and feral tnaks already have the top dps in tanking. i really hope they do at least 45-50% of reagular dps as aposse to the current 20% witch makes ya feel like ya bearly in the fight with tanking being as esay as it is now when ive played for so long and each proc is a reflex. a dps rotation in prot sounds like something to get ya head around and start pwning more. also revamp pallys to pvping much esayer since the got fuked up in wrath cuz they were op in bc :P ret pull 6k dps if ya half decent as apose to a fury war on 11k min o.O

  4. Kirubi:

    oh yeah and the pets sounds awsome too as its the only class without a pet :P. maybe another mass increase in pallys is on the way hope not o.O although Goblins will be the new Belfs should make not too bad. Tauren Pally also might be an interesting race change if its free.

  5. PresenceOfMind:

    I’m playing a pally tank on patch 4.0.1 and it sucks. Next mechanics are horrible. Holy Power was a bad bad idea.
    I want my judgement and seal mechanics back.

  6. Jesuit01:

    Im tanking on 4.0.1 and im loving it, Prot paladins are unkillable relitivly due to holy power, save the holy power and just use it when ou need an instant heal from word of glory :P. Plus im pulling more dps than the rest of the group in dungeons. So deffinatly a step in the right direction in my opinion.

  7. Anonymous:

    Pally tanks in cata FTW!!!!

  8. Whistlethorn:

    My main being a DPS, I’m hating the fact that tanks (especially Druids and Pallies) are currently topping the DPS meter in certain bosses. lol. Why Blizzard, why?!

  9. Serger:

    Pala tanking – Novice (Easy mode)
    Druid tanking – Adept (Normal mode)
    Warrior tanking – Insane (Hard Mode)
    Being someone who has the 3 types of tanking I prefer the hard mode, why would I like to play handicapped with a pala always?

  10. exaflare:

    9k dps in tank 4.0.1. omnomnomn

    hunters critting 33k?
    try my 44k <3

  11. Crownie:

    I think this has to be updated.
    The blinding shield never made it to the live servers, only on the beta.

    The mastery where you talk about is not the mastery pala tanks get, that would be this:

    Divine Bulwark
    Increases your chance to block melee attacks by 18%. Each point of Mastery increases block chance by an additional 2.25%.

    Besides that you have a good view of the paladin as tank, you just used the information available on the beta to make this guide/preview thingy.

    Editing the small flaws in this will make it even better I think.

    Still you did a good job on this :)

  12. Jurakan:

    @Serger- I am currently leveling a druid for the first time, but I’m aiming for a tank roster. I would agree with your placing, that even after 4.0.1, pally tanking although a bit more dynamic, is still decidedly easier than Warrior tanking. Where would you place the blood tanks?

  13. Bloodtallon:

    I usually tank in Cata on my pally by relying on the dps to kill the trash and mobs by just laying down AoE’s and holding aggro (do not try this on raids) and just having healer heal me, simple way but takes a lot of focus

  14. Badkarma:

    lol @ a 44 k crit my Spriest crit for 90 k with mindblast once on last boss halls of originiation

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