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How to be a better tank

Situational awareness. I’m getting tired of repeating this over and over. Situational awareness, threat, and survival are all three pretty much equally important for a tank (depends on specific cases, but in general that’s the rule of thumb). All three aspects need to be mastered if you want to perform well. If you’re only sitting […]

Upcoming Tanking Changes (Druids & Warriors)

In case you missed it, Eyonix has been making posts about upcoming class changes and a post a couple of days ago focused on Druids and Warriors, which included some changes to how we will be tanking in the future. DRUID Savage Defense – this is a new passive ability. When a druid in Dire […]

Polar Bears: Episode I – Northrend’s Got Talents!

Now that my Warrior is hitting Naxx on a regular basis, is exalted with Hodir and has nearly all the goodies out of Heroic Instances that I had on his shopping list, I’ve been feeling the call of the wild, urging me to return to my Feral roots and level my Druid, Urago, who has […]

Formulas updated for level 80

Well, it was a little slow coming, but I finally got around to updating the formulas page with the level 80 numbers. So if you are looking for level 80 tanking stats, then this is the place to be!