Soloing Onyxia

With all this new content to explore and explain, would I even think about making a new post about Vanilla WoW content?  Well, yes indeed I am!

Today I logged in to do my Argent Crusade, Fishing, Cooking and Jewelcrafting dailies but somehow got sidetracked by an old friend…. Onyxia.  I haven’t seen Onyxia in … well, years …  so I thought I would pay the old broad a visit.

I had heard whisperings of all sorts of folks soloing Onyxia, so I started to ponder if a prot warrior could solo Onyxia.  I knew that some sort of healing would be required, so I started tinkering with builds that included Bloodthirst.

I ended up going with this build.  I slapped in a Glyph of Bloodthirst, threw on my old 4 piece epic Illidan Fire Resist gear and headed out to Onyxia’s Lair to give it a whirl.  I had about 500 defense, 25k hp, and 200 fire resist.
Well, long story short, about 30ish minutes later, Onyxia lay dead at my feet, and I was clearing bag space for all the phat lewt.  In the end, it was was not all that challenging.  I never had any close calls, never got below 50% health, and only used enraged regeneration once during the transition from phase 2 to phase 3.  Next time around, I’ll likely drop some of the FR gear in favor of more DPS gear to make the fight shorter, assuming I actually ever do go solo Onyxia again!

The hardest part of the encounter was chasing Onyxia around during Phase 2 and meleeing her down.  For the most part, other than the intial group of whelps, I just ignored the whelps and let Thunder Clap kill them off when I had accumulated a few.

In the end, it was a bit of fun and an interesting diversion.  I will admit, it is a bit saddening to be able to take down a once end game boss with such ease.  Such is the way the game goes!

Onyxia Down!

Onyxia Down!


  1. Jackie45 says:

    Well grats! I heard it was hard for warriors, compared to ferals, ele shamans and even resto druids (lol) who were soloing her for a long time before their nerfed her gold output :(

  2. Shalandra says:

    Well done. I wanted to do that as well, but I stopped playing before 3.1. I’ll reactivate my account soon, just so that I can complete the Noblegarden achievements (and the following seasonal things). It’s impossible to do Onyxia without a bloodthirst spec (and I was pretty thick headed about it) and I didn’t feel like respeccing every week for it, preferring to keep myself at 5g respec costs (out of tradition). Now with dual spec it’s all that much easier.

  3. Ebenthorin says:

    I gave this a try, same spec, in my block gear last night. Had a block value over 1500, the melee damage was non-existant, but the fire damage was a bit rough. enraged regen and blood thirst kept me fine through phase 1, but in phase 2 I couldn’t get enough regen to keep up through the fire damage.


  4. Hannibal says:

    Well you can’t expect old content to be as hard as new content. Not to mention that the new players would not have the fun to kill her :) So with one sentence… You are to old for her :D

    But… Grats :))