3.1 Death Knight tanking changes

Ulduar and 3.1 have finally hit, and I know many of you are wondering how this is affecting the tanking abilities of death knights. One really good peice of news is that Unholy Blight and Gargolye have now switched places! This is good news for you non-unholy tanks because now you can have this amazing talent too. Another awesome change is that Blood Boil no longer requires diseases (however does bonus damage to diseased targets). This is great for when your Death and Decay is on cooldown. The biggest and most prominent change for myself is the new glyph. Glyph of Disease now refreshes ALL diseases on you target(s) when you use Pestilience!!!!!! This is a blessing from Blizzard. On the downside most of your tanking cooldowns have been increased by a minute. This is only a minor setback however, because your trinkets will more than compensate for this. The future looks bright for all you Death Knight tanks out there. Keep on being a meatshield and keep those squishies safe! And as always, tank hard or go home!