So what are your 3.1 dual spec … specs?!

So 3.1 is finally here and dual specs are all the rage!

To start out with, I took a full survival spec for Ulduar (5/14/52), and also took a UA spec (37/0/34) to try out. The servers were too unstable last night to try out either in a raid setting, but I’ll be looking forward to using both soon enough.

One thing I did do is head outside Orgrimmar to try out the UA spec in PVP. Let’s just say that UA >>>>>> melee. The UA spec made it almost trivial to utterly smash melee’s face into the ground. The absence of the mobility talents really hurt vs. casters. In the end, I didn’t take UA for PVP, I was just tinkering.

Nobody had the Glyph of Last Stand or Glyph of Vigilance as of yet, but I can’t wait to get my hands on them.
So what did you use as your secondary spec?


  1. Alandovos says:

    Any chance we could get links for details on those specs?

  2. Shalandra says:

    I’m still inactive and will be at least until Noblegarden kicks in (maybe won’t come back for that either, we’ll see).

    My idea was my old 15/5/51 spec for tanking and taking the Bloodthirst / Protection spec for solo farming. I liked having lots of gold. That spec allows you to farm Onyxia every week, which is 150 gold. Talk about profit. Additionally, it allows you to kill Mandokir in ZG and thus get a chance at grabbing the raptor.

    Yes, I’m a horrible raider sometimes.

  3. Shalandra says:

    Vene posted the UA spec a while ago, here’s the link:

    Bizzam’s 5/14/52 spec seems a little weird.
    I’m guessing he means something like this:

    Although I would rather go with something like this:
    For a pure survival spec, and the old 15/5/51 for a standard tanking spec.