All’s Quiet on the Western Front

Wow, things have been really calm and quiet around here! I think it must be the calm before the storm as patch 3.1 looms on the horizon with promises of new content, ability and talent tweaks, and of course, new things to talk about!

While we have been a bit quiet here on TankHard, many around the net are still keeping up their tankly duties in keeping us all thinking about what is good for tanking!

Over on, Veneritio writes about Tanking Stats. In addition to talking about tanking here, Vene also reminds us of an important consideration.

If you’ve already got some really nice tanking boots, you should be passing them to another tank with ugly tanking boots first before picking up a 2nd pair for your Avoidance set or your Threat set.

Always work with your fellow tanks to build each other up!

TankSpot brought to our attention that Blizzard is thinking over how rage mechanics work, specifically with regard to Heroic Strike usage.

The other approach is to let HS be a toggle or something else that can bleed off rage without requiring the player to hit the button virtually every 1.6 sec (or faster).

Personally, I would not having to spam my HS key every white hit. I guess we’ll see if anything ever comes of this one.

The new website, brings a nifty new Blue Tracker to the table.

Of Teeth And Claws posts about owning up to your mistakes.

I am a huge advocate of this and it really irks me when people do not own up to their mistakes. Like for example, when the Tenebron tank on our last Sarth kill was too busy worrying about everyone else being in the Void Zone (or whatever they are called in this encounter!), not noticing that he himself was in a blue swirly, promptly dieing and wiping the raid (OOPS! Did I do that?). Ah well, that’s how it goes sometimes =)


  1. Well it’s good to see that you’re still around. I was beginning to wonder, but in your traditional fashion you magically reappeared just when I figured you were gone for good :P

  2. Yeah, still around and still tanking! Just haven’t had any of those AHA moments that come right before the rabid need to post!

  3. Some Metainformation to the title of the Post:

    This Book imperessed me lomg time ago in high tool.
    I suggest to read it if your mind is open to some serious thoughts next to WoW.

    Now back to Tanking/WoW.


    Sry, for mistakes in language. I hope you understand it.

  4. Yup, that is the book I am referencing with the title of the post =)