Polar Bears: Episode I – Northrend’s Got Talents!

Primal Precision (2/2): 10 Expertise. NOT 10 Expertise Rating. 10 Expertise. I haven’t looked.. I don’t know how much Expertise we’ll have available from gear, but if I can drop 2 talent points to give myself over 1/3rd of the Expertise I’ll need at 80 to hit the Dodge cap and really cut down on parries? Sign me up.


Brutal Impact (2/2): More controversy! Some say this is a pvp talent. I say Bash now carries a SEPERATE interrupt component from the STUN component. So even if a mob is immune to Stun, they can still be affected by the interrupt. Interrupting spells is a crucial skill to have in my tanking opinion, and knocking 30 sec. off that cooldown is a big help.

Feral Charge (1/1): Gotta have it for those pulls where you want to keep the mob tanked right where he/she is. Plus.. you can use it in combat w/out the need for an additional Warbringer like talent, and you can fly by kicking it off in mid-air, which is great on knockback boss fights.

Nurturing Instinct (0/2): A cat-form only talent and even then I’m not sure I’d recommend it. MAYBE if you’re a heavy pvp’er.

TIER 6 (The greatest tier in all of Feral Beardom!)

Natural Reaction (3/3): 6% MORE dodge. For those keeping track at home, that’s a 10% Dodge increase through talents alone. Duh.

Heart of the Wild (5/5): 20% more STAMINA. That’s not Health. That’s STAMINA… the kind that scales with cool things like Blessing of Kings. There are no excuses for not having this.

Survival of the Fittest (3/3): Even with the upcoming 3.1 nerf, this is still a must have. If you don’t know, we’ll likely be losing a bit of the armor bonus here but getting it back in the form of a crit. based “shield” effect elsewhere. Even w/out the armor bonus, this is how we get to be uncrittable in 0 +DEF gear, so you have to have it anyway.

Leader of the Pack (1/1): Your DPS will love you. The aura from this is a really great boost and you’ll be a hit in all your parties.

Improved Leader of the Pack (2/2): Now your healers will love you too. Think of it as a Replenishment buff for Green bars. You’re going to want to crit on mobs anyway… why not get some health back? The mana gain is inconsequential except maybe in PVP.

Primal Tenacity (0/3): This USED to be really good in PvE when Fear was a massively devastating (and rather often utilized) mechanic. Now this is really more of a pvp talent and not worth picking up compared to what else is available.


Protector of the Pack (3/3) Survivability! Also note, it’s no longer based on the number of people in your party, which was a wierd mechanic anyway.

Predatory Instincts (0/3): Again, a Cat thing. If I’d had more points, sure. It’s nothing personal.

Infected Wounds (3/3): Nasty! It turns your Maul, Mangle or Shred (cat) into a sort of mini single target Thunderclap in addition to the damage they’re already inflicting. Great debuff especially on those wacky hard-hitting melee boss types.


King of the Jungle (3/3): Here’s where I spent those 2 points that I didn’t put into Primal Fury. The damage boost while Enraged is 15%. That’s really nice for when you’re in a DPS race, getting a strong lead on Threat, or are just tired of staring at Boss Face and want to make it die quicker. Make sure your healer can keep up w/ the increased damage you take while enraged and you’ll be fine.

Mangle: Dur. It’s our Shield Slam. You’re going to need this and you’re going to want to keep its cooldown constantly spinning. Whatever rotation you use, this is your DPS AND Threat cornerstone.

Improved Mangle: I’m puzzled by the number of Druid Builds I see that exclude this. Even discounting the energy savings in Cat form(which is a nice bonus for those times when you have to DPS) you’re taking one entire GCD out of your rotation in between Mangles. More Mangle uptime means more threat for you and more bleed debuff on baddies which is win all the way around. I can’t imagine not wanting this.


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