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Thaddius can be very difficult for people who have trouble distinguishing between right and left and/or using their eyeballs. 


Of the 4 end bosses, Maexxna is probably the one you will see first because the rest of the spider wing is quite easy.  The fight is all about DPS, as a tank, you don’t need to worry about anything until the boss gets to 30%.


Loatheb used to be pretty ridiculous.  Everyone in the raid needed to have shadow protection potions, bandages, healthstones, the things from felwood and needed to be totally stacked with consumables (this was back when you could have multiple elixirs and flasks and food buffs all at the same time).  In addition to the huge consumable […]

Happy new year!

I will go ahead and interrupt the constant flow of tanking related articles here on the front page (how dare I!) to wish everyone a happy new year. 2009 for me is among other things the year where the bulk of WotLK takes place, so I am anxious to see what lays ahead (Ulduar, Icecrown […]