Thaddius can be very difficult for people who have trouble distinguishing between right and left and/or using their eyeballs.  To start the fight the raid has to kill two mini bosses, Stalagg and Fuegen.  You need to split your dps and your healers between the two platforms so that you kill both of them within a few seconds of each other.  At 60, if you didn’t kill them at the same time, the one still alive would enrage and kill a whole bunch of people.  I am not sure if that is true anymore, but my raids always kill them at the same time because we don’t want to test it and it is pretty easy to coordinate dps to get them both down at the same time.  The mini bosses have a beam of lightning attaching them to a thingy on the ceiling and if they get too far away, the tether will break and they will enrage and kill a bunch of people.  At 80, there is no reason for them to ever move far enough away to break the tether.  Stalagg and Feugen periodically throw the tanks from one platform to the other at the same time.  They share threat so when the Stalagg tank gets thrown to the Feugen platform, he will automatically have aggro on Feugen.  At 60, positioning was very important and if the tanks wasn’t standing in the dead center of the platform, when the tank throw happened, he would bounce off the ceiling and land in the slime below and then the mini-boss would run down to the tank, off the platform, breaking the tether and enraging and would then kill a bunch of people.  At 80, you don’t have to worry about that, you can no longer bounce off the ceiling or anything and thereby ‘miss’ the tank throw.  The mini-bosses don’t have any special abilities, but they do hit the tanks kinda hard so the healers need to be paying attention.

Once you kill the mini bosses, the next challenge is jumping.  You have to jump off of the platforms of the mini bossess, down to the platform where Thaddius lives.  If you jump to early, you will miss and end up in the slime and everyone will laugh at you.  If run off the edge without jumping at all you will miss and end up in the slime and everyone will laugh at you.  If you miss the jump, you have to run back to the entrance to the room and then back up to the mini boss platforms and then try the jump again.  You have around 15 seconds from when the second mini boss dies to when Thaddius becomes active so you can take a little time and be sure that you get it right.  I like to move my guy off to the side and that neither my character nor the point on the platform I am going to jump from are covered up by the corpse of the mini boss.  As stupid as it sounds, I think most people miss the jump because they try to jump right away – when everyone else jumps – and they end up looking at the wrong character and mistime the jump.  I just take my time and move off to the side and make sure I know exactly where my guy is.  If you do miss, another tank should be able to pick it up just fine and you can taunt him back later or you can just dps.

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