Heigan the Unclean

Heigan can either be very simple or very difficult depending on how accustomed your raid is to moving.  The trash before the boss’ room used to be a gauntlet, but it no longer is so you can clear it at your leisure and have plenty of time for everyone to move up and take a look at the room before the fight starts.  The boss has an aura that slows casting time by a whole bunch but it is easily avoided by not having casters stand anywhere near the boss and he occasionally casts a disease on a few people in the raid that reduces their max HP but it is cleansable.  In addition to the easily overcome mechanics, the boss hits like a girl.

So where, you may ask, is the challenge in the fight.  This is a true player versus environment encounter where the hard part is the actual room where you are fighting the boss.  As you enter the room, the boss is on a small platform to the left.  That platform is where all the healers and ranged DPS will stand to avoid the cast time debuff (assuming you tank the boss far enough away from the platform) and they avoid the lava splashes.  If you split the room into 4 zones with radial lines coming from the platform, at any given time, 1 of those zones will be safe and the other 3 will get hit with a lava splash.  The first safe zone is the quadrant you stand in right as you enter the room so when you pull the boss, just let him come right to you.  Then watch for the first lava splash which happens 15-20 seconds after the pull.  After the first lava splash, zone 1 is no longer the safe zone, now zone 2 is the safe zone so you have to drag the boss over to zone 2 and try to get him deep enough into the zone so that melee can still attack from behind and be safe.  In phase 1, you have around 10 seconds between the lava splashes – more than enough time to move the boss from zone to zone.  After the second lava splash, zone 2 is no longer safe, you have to go to zone 3, then zone 4, then zone 3, then zone 2, then zone 1.  You end up just moving back and forth across the room going from safe spot to safe spot.

In phase 1, the dance is relatively slow so you should take advantage of that and really get a feel for the edges of each zone and know how to get the boss to go where you want while keeping yourself and the melee safe.  If you are a little bit off on your positioning and get hit with a lava splash, it isn’t the end of the world, its only 5-6k (I think?) and as a tank, you should be able to survive that without too much trouble.  If you are on the very edge of a bad zone, you only get hit once by the splash, but if you totally botch the positioning, you will get hit several times in rapid succession and that WILL kill you or anyone else in the raid who screws it up.  The first time you do this boss, make sure everyone spends phase 1 watching the positioning and learning the room and not really worrying about their dps because the guy who has never done the fight before and tries to top the damage meter instead of learning how the room works will almost certainly die in P2.

I forget exactly how long phase 1 lasts, but you will go from zone 1 to zone 4 and back to zone 1, then you go to zone 2 and shortly after the splash, Heigan will teleport and begin phase 2.  So instead of going from zone 2 to zone 3, you need everyone to go back to zone 1.  Heigan teleports back to the platform where all your ranged dps and healers are standing and he gains an aura that does a truckload of damage to anyone near him.  That means that the platform is no longer safe and your ranged and healers have to do the dance too.  While he is on the platform, he stops attacking and you don’t need to worry about tanking him, just do the dance.  The boss teleports and the tank and melee all run from zone 2 to zone 1 and the ranged and healers all run from the platform to zone 1 and they all do it quickly because you have about 5 seconds from when he teleports to when the dance starts.  The pattern for phase 2 is exactly the same as phase 1, but it goes much faster.  Instead of moving to a safe zone and hanging out for 10 seconds before the next splash, you get about 1 second to hang out before you have to move to the next zone.  That 1 second is pretty important though, it allows anyone who falls behind for some reason to catch up if they are able to survive a lava splash.  At 60, you didn’t have that 1 second pause between splashes, you were in constant motion from zone to zone so if anyone fell behind, they died.  If someone in your raid is bad at moving (and someone will be) and gets hit by a lava splash, make sure your healers aren’t dumb enough to try and heal that person with anything but instant casts.  In P2 everyone is responsible for keeping themselves alive by not taking any damage because the healers cannot afford to stop and cast a heal or they will get caught behind and die.

There really aren’t any tricks to this fight, you either do the dance right or you don’t.  Most people won’t do it right the first time you are there and you can expect about half your raid to die on the first phase 2 and then half of the people who lived will die on the next phase 2.  If you have 1 healer, 1 dps and a tank, you can definitely 3 man the boss – it will take forever and maybe that is a good punishment for all the people who died to an extremely simple mechanic.  Once your raid has seen the fight once or twice and knows what the pattern is, you can go ahead and have them blow all their cooldowns at the beginning of the fight so you get the most out of them before people start dying.

Its hard to describe how the dance works, its makes a lot more sense once you see it in action.  So I made a short video of the fight so you can see the pattern.  You also get to see how I have updated my UI since I last made a post about it as well as seeing me being a really lazy tank in terms of keeping my abilities on cooldown.  And at the end you see me use Baby Spice on the boss and try to see if I can get on his platform and avoid the aura and the lava splashes at once…  It didn’t work.



  1. This fight is more of a test of latency than anything. The dance is really easy enough as the spacing is quite forgiving. Unfortunately, what you see might not be what is actually detected by the server. Depending on how bad the latency is, even if you “see” that you are in the safe zone, you are not. One might argue that one can move slightly ahead to make up for the latency but it gets very confusing after a while, not to mention that fluctuating latency will means that the compensation time will vary. IMO this is a very stupid fight that punishes players with poor latency.

  2. There is actually a trick. On the right side of the room there is a safe spot where everybody can hang out to regen or during phase 2 instead of running like mad. Im not sure if this goes for both 10 and 25 man version since i only saw it on 25 yet.

  3. I am pretty sure that isn’t intended though and I’d rather not promote an exploit.

  4. The exploit works in 10 man and 25 man. I scratch my head as to why Blizz left it in when it was there for the lvl 60 instance.

  5. The patch apparently eliminated the exploit. Looks like I’ll be learning to dance.

  6. Had my first night of dance lessons. I think I got it down after about 8 times. About 5 of our group never could. I think lat is the real killer as the best lats were 180 and worst near 1000.

  7. Latency can make it difficult, if you are having trouble, run farther than you think is necessary and try not to jump too much. I guess if you jump, the server doesn’t update your position until you land – lots of people had this problem on Kil’jaeden and Malygos where you need to be inside a shield and if you jump across the threshold, you will see yourself inside the shield, but server won’t update right away and you will die.

    As for the dance itself, you getting it yourself is only half the battle. Since you are the tank, you have the extra challenge of learning to do it with a partner (in phase1). In the video I posted, you see me running all the way through the safe zones and then coming back towards Heigan. That is because he has a pretty big hit box and if you only go far enough to be in the safe zone yourself, melee will either be forced to dps from the front or they will get hit by the splash.

  8. I finally completed the dance. I found 4 darker stones in a line that pretty much put you in the 4 zones. Phase 1 is pretty easy since there’s time to get a heal if you screw up a little. Phase 2 has less room for error but even then I don’t have to be perfect with 38K health.

  9. Jurakan says:

    Maybe late for the party, and engaging Heigan is definitely more of a novelty than a challenge at this stage of the game: I don’t have a “trick” for the safety dance phase. I dunno, I just memorized a Flash of the patterns on the floor and rehearsed and died a lot. As far as tanking Heigan, a very rude player imparted me his super fun way of tanking Heigan (I’m sorry if I’m repeating myself)

    You can easily position all range/heals on the uper left hand corner of the platform and tank him with all the melee facing heigan on the lower right hand corner of the platform. Heigan has to be standing right outside the platform, and the tank right on the dge of the corner, in order for the debuff not to make your heals’ life impossible. And just rip away. if melee stacks on the tank, they should not get any splash damage, and voila. Dead Heigan. Now, I haven’t raided in months, but I’m curious about standing in that corner during the safety dance itself….