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On Being A Tank

This was posted as a comment to another post, but I felt it was so well written that it deserved a post of its own.  So here I present a post from guest blogger,Varangian. Hello all first timer on these forums but an interesting read so far. I’d like to share some of my encounters […]

A Death Knight’s Great Debate

I see a lot of Death Knight’s wondering the same things I did when I first started tanking, so I decided I would try and help you out without having to sift through a ton of useless information. RUNEFORGING – There is really only 2 options here for tanking, Swordbreaker or Stoneskin. Swordbreaker gives 4% […]

Soloing Onyxia

With all this new content to explore and explain, would I even think about making a new post about Vanilla WoW content?  Well, yes indeed I am! Today I logged in to do my Argent Crusade, Fishing, Cooking and Jewelcrafting dailies but somehow got sidetracked by an old friend…. Onyxia.  I haven’t seen Onyxia in […]

3.1 Death Knight tanking changes

Ulduar and 3.1 have finally hit, and I know many of you are wondering how this is affecting the tanking abilities of death knights. One really good peice of news is that Unholy Blight and Gargolye have now switched places! This is good news for you non-unholy tanks because now you can have this amazing […]