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The importance of Defense

TankingTips posted up a reminder of the changes that have come about with the increased cooldown to Shield Block. Basically it is something I have been advocating in game moreso than here on the site, but here it is. Defense is where you want to be.

Level 80 Tanking Enchants

Updated for Cataclysm – Check out the Level 85 Tanking Enchants So you’re level 80 and getting all those nifty gear upgrades. Now you just have to decide what to enchant them with! Here, I will break down some options for level 80 tanking enchants. Level 80 Weapon Tanking Enchants Let’s start with our weapon. […]

Noth the Plaguebringer

Noth the Plaguebringer is a friendly fellow just wandering aimlessly in his room.  First step to beating this encounter is making sure nobody gets locked out of the room.  At the bottom of the stairs, in the doorway to his room, there is a thick black line on the ground (you will know what I […]

Gothik the Harvester

Gothik hangs out on a balcony overlooking the room.  He is targettable up there and the fight starts when someone attacks him.  In the middle of the room there is a gate which will close when the fight starts so you have to split your raid in half and try to balance equal amounts of […]