Level 80 Tanking Consumables

Kadomi over at Tank Like a Girl has posted a nice write up on Level 80 Tanking Consumables.

I used to always use Flask of Fortification, but I am finding that Flasks just aren’t giving the punch I want these days. My new combo of choice is:

Kadomi also does a good job at including good Stat Foods as well so be sure to check it out!<


  1. I really find the new flask pretty disappointing, you get a lot more mileage out of a good battle and guardian elixir combo.

    Thanks for the shoutout, you guys are doing an awesome job these days. :)

  2. /agree on disappointment with the new flask. I had initially hoped it’d be a big enough boost to matter, but having used one on a heroic run… it’s just not that big a helper. My guild Alchy keeps me rolling in the Elixir of Mighty Defense, which is very nice, and for my Battle option, he’s been sending me the Strength booster. Probably not as useful on raids as the Expertise one is, but it’s good for 5-mans and I’ll use one every now and then while trying to solo lvl 80 Elites or something along those lines.

  3. I’m still using Flasks of Fortification. I know the little bit of defense isn’t much but I still like it. I tend to use flasks over elixers since heroics and raids have a lot more deaths since we are still learning the fights. I really like the doubling of the time I get for being an Alchemist. 4 hours on a flask is really nice. The fact that the mats for the flasks are now pretty cheap is another plus.

    I’ve been using the 40 stam 80 ap buff food. I haven’t really thought about if hit or expertise food wold be better. I haven’t had any threat issues other than multi-mob situations. And in that circumstance I think the ap helps since it increases the damage of my Tclaps.

  4. I’m a huge fan of 40 expertise 40 stamina bufffood. The only real competitors are 40 strength 40 stamina and 40 agility 40 stamina and IMO expertise just blows it away in terms of TPS and survivability (less parries). Since it requires Northern Spices (and I don’t want to give away my cooking awards for them just yet) I looked for another solution. So far I’ve been using the Baked Manta Ray (30 haste, 40 stamina) and I’m pretty happy for it. I use it mostly for 10 mans and trash 25 mans, while the premiere buff food is used for 25 man bosses.

    I tend to prefer using Elixirs over Flasks, in which case I use Fortitude and Agility.

    Concerning flasks:

    From a non-alchemist point of view:
    The Flask of Fortification offers 500 hp and 10 defense rating.
    The Flask of Stoneblood offers 650 hp.

    So you’re trading 10 defense rating for 15 stamina.

    Do these numbers sound familiar?

    Indeed, they are the stats given by the Thick Lionseye and the Solid Empyrean Sapphire. These two gems have the exact same quality; therefore, the flasks are exactly the same.

    At low avoidance values, I’d favor the Flask of Fortification, whereas with higher values, I’d favor the Flask of Stoneblood since diminishing returns start becoming a pain.