Glory of the Hero

Hadronox Denied – I am not entirely sure what the correct strategy for this one is but I will tell you what happened when my group did it. But first, a quick review of the boss the encounter works. The boss starts off a level below the group and he is fighting other spiders for some reason. There are a few trash pulls in the room and there are two long stairways leading up to doors from which new adds spawn. The adds will go and attack Hadronox and he will put a poison on them and when he kills an add that is affected by the poison, he gets a huge heal. If you are doing this without the achievement, the boss will make his way up to the groups level, killing spiders all the way, and then put web over the doors so no more adds spawn so you don’t have to worry about the poison and the heals. What my group did when we went for the achievement was to attack the boss just to get on his aggro list so that when he got up to our level, he would immediately move to engage us instead of putting web on the doors and stopping the stream of spiders. That meant that we had to deal with the poison and the boss getting big heals when the spiders died. We didn’t really research how the encounter worked so it took us a few times of getting the boss to around 50-60% and then watching him heal to full before we figured out what was going on. Our strategy was a simple loldps approach. We waited for a bunch of spiders to die from the poison and then nuked the crap out of the boss before any other spiders could die and heal him. I don’t know if there is another more elegant way to get this achievement, but good ol’ fashioned brute force worked for my group.

Gotta Go – This is the hardest one by a long shot. It requires certain class comp and a fair bit of luck. Its getting a much deserved nerf in the next patch. A lot of people who have gotten this achievement bring a tank, a dps class that can heal and 3 pure DPSers. The ideal group is a warrior tank, a rogue, a hunter, a shaman (preferably elemental) and another physical DPS class (preferably another hunter). The shaman throws a little bit of damage and makes sure the tank is topped off for the first 25% of the fight. When the boss gets close to 75%, the hunter drops a snake trap and the rogue makes sure that mind numbing poison is up. The rogues poison and the mind numbing poison that the snake trap applies stack. So you just hope and pray that the snakes put up the mind numbing poison. Then you wait for the boss to start casting either Locust Swarm or Pound and while he is casting, everyone pops cooldowns and burns harder than they have ever burned before. The idea is that during the slow cast of Pound/Locust Swarm, the group puts out a ton of damage so that when the cast finishes and the boss goes to burrow like he normally would at 75%, he is actually below 50% so that you are able to skip the 50% burrow entirely. You nuke the hell out of the adds and then, when you are getting close to the 25% burrow, you try to get mind numbing stacked with the snake poison again and take the boss from just over 25% to zero during another slow cast.


Party’s Over – Pretty simple, have someone sit out. That means you have less DPS to stop him from killing someone during his Vampiric Embrace thingy and fewer people to spread the damage from the fire orb between, but all in all, its not overly difficult.

Volazj’s Quick Demise – You used to be able to use line of sight to avoid the Insanity cast, but when my group tried to do that last week, we failed repeatedly. Blizzard may have changed how the spell works so that you cannot LoS it anymore or my group might have just been bad at running around pillars. Either way, its possible to do this achievement without using LoS to skip the Insanity phase. The idea is the same as Gotta Go, but its much more forgiving. He casts Insanity at 66% and 33% and you will have to deal with at least 1 cast. So you dps him down, he casts the first Insanity and your group has to burn all the adds in their phase as fast as possible but without popping cooldowns. The Insanity phase is what will make or break your attempt and all 5 people have to perform well. Once you get out, you keep burning the boss but slow dps around 37% and wait for a Mind Flay. Curse of Tongues or Mind Numbing Poison or something else to slow the boss’ cast time needs to be applied and his Mind Flay cast will take forever. When he starts casting Mind Flay, the group pops all their cooldowns and nukes the hell out of the boss. Between the slow Mind Flay cast and the slow Insanity cast, the boss should die before the Insanity cast completes.

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