Glory of the Hero

I like getting achievements; they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And I sure wouldn’t mind a flashy new proto-drake mount. A few weeks ago I started racking up achievements for Glory of the Hero and although I haven’t gotten many new ones lately, I did put together a list of all the achievements needed. I am about halfway through it and one of these days I’ll try to get a solid group together and knock out a whole bunch more.

Utgarde Keep

On the Rocks – This one is pretty basic; just ignore the ice tombs when they happen. Getting this one done right relies a lot on the healer being pro. As long as everyone is topped off, nobody will get insta-gibbed by the tomb. Bringing a ton of DPS helps because the faster the boss is dead, the fewer tombs you have to deal with. (Bringing a ton of dps and just plain brute forcing your way through things is going to be a pretty common theme)


Intense Cold – Clearing the debuff is easy enough most of the time, you just keep jumping up and down like a fool. But, when the boss uses frost nova, you can’t clear the debuff with ease anymore. But, you can break the nova by intervening your healer or a ranged dps or by using a pvp trinket or a free action potion and depending on what class the healer is, they may be able to just dispel you. This is an individual achievement; you can get it even if other people in your group get more than 2 stacks.

Split Personality – This one is pretty straight forward; it’s all about DPS control. I personally like my groups to focus fire them each to about 15% then aoe them down together. Try to keep the arcane mob silenced at the end or she might stun the group and/or polymorph someone at the last second and screw things up.

Chaos Theory – We tried to brute force this one like On the Rocks and it wasn’t pretty. The next time we actually had a plan. We cleared all the trash near the platform where the boss was so that we had tons of room to move around. On the pull, I dragged the boss all the way to the far side of his platform while DPS put on the hurt. When he went immune, we all ran off of his platform so the group was out of range of the lightning and out of prox aggro range of the new spawns. When the phase ended, the boss and all the spawns come running towards the group who are on the next platform and the all get bottlenecked on the ramp between the platforms, perfect to grab all the adds with a tclap/shockwave while the DPS hit them with hard aoe. Once the adds were dealt with, DPS was back on the boss until the next rift phase and we all ran away again. Rinse and repeat.


Watch him Die – This is one of the harder achievements out there and I have yet to try it. There are two different strategies I could think of and neither of them is particularly appealing. My first idea would be to pull the first watcher group and kill the two adds but not the watcher himself and then repeat that with the next two watchers. Then, while tanking all three watchers, pull the boss, pop cooldowns and burn the hell out of him with a fair bit of prayer mixed in. My second idea would be to have the group’s healer grab aggro on all three packs and kite them all the way back to the beginning of the instance while the 3 dps and the tank pop all their CDs and burn the boss and pray that they can kill him before the watchers get back and/or the tank dies, If the mobs can be snared, an earthbind totem or frost trap or piercing howl will buy a few extra seconds. On wowhead, there is another, slightly more elegant strategy. I guess there is a path off to one of the side of the room where the healer can run up and get almost parallel with the boss. Then you have someone in the group create a big health deficit with life tap or getting naked and then getting dressed again. Then, the person with the health deficit has to very quickly get in combat, have them put up a dot, or a quick auto-attack the moment the tank charges in, then way, when the healer lands a big heal on that person, they will also be in combat and will have aggro on the adds. Nobody else touches the adds, it’s a full burn on the boss. The adds run all the way over to where the path up to the healer starts and then run up the path and just before they get to the healer, he jumps down so the adds have to come all the way back down again. Those strategies are about as elegant as a punch in the face, but if your DPS is high enough, you should have enough time to kill the boss. There might be a better way to get this achievement done, but I don’t know what it is.

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